Concert Review: Ball Brothers (Asheville, NC)

Last night, the Ball Brothers appeared at Trinity Baptist Church’s Land of the Sky Jubilee event. (Despite the name “Jubilee,” it wasn’t actually the fiftieth year; it was the forty-second!)

The biggest change from the last time I caught them in a full concert was that youngest brother Josh has grown noticeably more confident in holding down his fourth part. It was less a doubling of the baritone part and more of a bass part (though keyed in a low baritone / high bass range). Also notable was Daniel’s continued growth as a lead singer. He has gotten better every time I’ve seen the group, and this was no exception; he should now be numbered among Southern Gospel’s ten best lead singers. 

New pianist Cody McVey has been with the group a little over a week, but already knows the material well. Not only was he playing the right chords and fills—he was playing them at the right openings in the soundtracks. One thing the Ball Brothers’ music is not is simple, and he is already admirably up to speed.

The group opened with the energetic acapella number “There is a Mountain.” While a fair number of the songs they sang came from their latest major-label release, Breakthrough, and their just-released table project Recharged, they reached as far back to their debut project at several points, notably “Peace of God.” (It was intriguing since it appears they no longer carry it on their table.) They got their strongest response of the night with their final song, “It’s About the Cross.”

Here are several pictures:


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  1. That’s a great event. Did you stay for the preaching? You planning on going any of the other nights? You should see if your bosses will let you go over there in the morning to hear the Rochesters and the Rowlands. Tell ’em it’s work-related.

    • It sure is a great event!

      I have some pretty important meetings this morning (regarding upcoming releases) which I really shouldn’t miss.

      There’s also another factor (for that and the other evening sessions) – ever since my car fell apart, literally, about 2 months ago, my finances have been really tight. If I can’t put a love offering in the plate, I just don’t go.

      • That’s an admirable and humble attitude. But I hope you would reconsider that. If you don’t have the money to give, the group doesn’t get your money whether you go or not, so you might as well go to be an encouragement and receive a blessing! Any group worth their salt would tell you that they’d rather you come, even if you don’t have money to give.

      • I can totally understand that perspective, too. Great point.

        I still can’t get past the fact of how bad I would feel if the offering plate went by and I didn’t put anything in. I’ve had enough conversations with groups who struggle to pay the bills to keep the bus on the road and payroll met that I couldn’t look them in the eye if I went out to see them without putting at least $10 in the plate to keep them rolling down the road – even if they would have been okay with it!

  2. I agree with Brian! If you do happen to get the opportunity, you’d love The Rowlands and The Rochesters! My sister and I went to the Tuesday morning service and thoroughly enjoyed the singing and preaching. Ron Martin’s voice is amazing and watching Ben Rochester play any instrument is just incredible. Not to mention, the great touch of God these two groups have on their ministry! When you hear/see them you know they’ve spent some time with the One they’re singing about!

    • Are The Rowlands Barry’s group? If so, I was in the studio when they did their last project, and it was really solid. Barry has a great heart (and voice!)

      • The Rowlands are different from Barry Rowland and Deliverance.

        The Rowlands are run by Kyla’s brother, Ron Martin.

        Barry’s group is an off-shoot/rebranding of Kyla Rowland & Deliverance. Barry is Kyla’s son.

      • But they both sing a ton of Kyla songs, and are great.

      • Ah, yes. It’s Deliverance which is the group name shared by multiple Rowland family members.

      • I’m thinking Kyla no longer travels with a group, and that’s why Barry took over Deliverance. I could be wrong.

      • Last I heard, Kyla does a mixture of dates, some solo and some with a group (but not necessarily the same group in every location).

      • Let me keep talking to myself:

        The Rowlands was the original “Rowland” group, and included Kyla. In the late 90s, Kyla started Deliverance, while Ron kept (and still keeps) the Rowlands going.

        Those old Rowlands albums are great. The songs are instantly recognizable, even if the voices aren’t.

      • Yes, I have a few of those albums, and there are a number of cases where their renditions are on par with later national artist renditions.

  3. Yes, Sis. Kyla still travels on occasion with her husband, Bob. Then like you said, they have a few people who sing with them depending on the location of the event. A few Saturday nights ago I drove to Knoxville to hear Barry Rowland & Deliverance and her group was there as well. A lady named Robin Rogers from Georgia and a gentleman named Damon Depew from Kingsport, TN were there to sing with them. They’re both great singers and have an anointing few people can attain.

    As for Bro. Barry’s group… I love them, their songs, their humility, their sound, and the list could go on for quite some time!
    Speaking of their music… Have you ever reviewed their CD, “Prior To A Prayer” on this blog?

    • Is that their latest? If so, I was in the studio when they were cutting it. Because it’s a Crossroads release, I’m actually a little less likely to review it, because I’m more likely to say what I’ve had to say about it in the course of marketing the album, working on the email newsletter and website album page text.

  4. Yes, it’s their latest. Were you in the studio when Sis. Kyla recorded “I’m A Soldier”? Seeing it live in Knoxville was very powerful!

    • I was able to catch about 60 seconds of it – passing through briefly.

  5. 🙂