Video: George, Glen, and the Weatherfords

Before joining the Cathedrals, George Younce and Glen Payne both sang with the Weatherfords—Glen immediately before, for seven years, and George shortly before Glen joined. Here is a unique video clip where George and Glen both join Earl and Lily Weatherford for “What a Precious Friend is He” and “Tell My Friends”—and some friendly banter about old age in between, where, for once, we see the table turned, and Glen joking about George’s age!

Hat tip, Josh.

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  1. Not sure where you got this but I had forgotten about it. I’m the one playing the piano (behind Earl). This was a Sunday afternoon date. We had worked with the Cathedrals and the Talleys (with Kirk) the night before in Pottstown. Earl and Lily both enjoyed the afternoon date because of the chance to sing with Glen and George again. Earl was on a breathing machine at this point but he was never one to let a lack of oxygen keep him from singing. The audience really enjoyed seeing this because it was something that never happened again. Earl only lived about six more months after this. He missed his first chance back at NQC by 3-4 months. Of the nearly seven yrs with them, this was one of the fondest memories I have.

    • That is so neat! Thank you for sharing that!

      Knowing that this is the last time they got to sing with Earl makes this particularly special.

      • Daniel,

        Just wondering, not wanting to assume, is “K. Payne” Kenneth Payne, Glen’s brother? We are showing our ignorance…Sorry! 🙂


      • I’m assuming so, TGF

  2. WOW……..nuff said

  3. AWESOME!!! I sure did enjoy this.

  4. Kenny Payne is a former member of the Weatherfords and is not Glen’s brother. I’m sure he can fill you in if you want more details.

    • Ahh! Thank you for clarifying. 🙂 It was a stretch imagining Kenneth Payne playing the piano for the Weatherfords….



  5. My dad and Glen are from the same area of East Texas but we have never quite found the “missing link” yet.

  6. Thank you for posting this! I grew up hearing The Weatherfords. They were close friends of my parents and I looked forward to seeing them 3-4 times a year when they would come sing at my dad’s church. We would always go out to dinner together and they would spend the weekend at our home. Lily Fern has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard. Woke up from a nap and this song – Tell My Friends – was stuck in my head. Google’d it, and found your posting. Thanks again.