Preview: NQC 2008 Coverage will be on-site at the National Quartet Convention this year. A couple highlights to watch for:

  • I’ll be covering highlights of the main stage performances and showcases. I probably won’t catch every set, but I’ll cover as many as I can. My contributor Sony will hopefully be chipping in with a couple of posts, too, covering some sets I miss.
  • FYI: I am planning to mess with the dates on the posts a little. Most posts will actually appear the following morning or afternoon, but the date will be set to right before midnight the day of the concert, to make it easier to sort and find posts afterwards.
  • If I can find a consistent Internet connection long enough for more sustained uploads, I’ll be posting photos and video clips. If not, those will go up once convention is over.
  • I’ll also be guest-blogging at another website during the week. I have to get a few more details in place before announcing which site, but be watching for an announcement.

Also, I’ll have a couple of ways you can participate:

  • I’ll have an NQC open thread where you can comment on showcases or evening performances that we missed.
  • If you’ll be there and taking pictures, I would be happy to post them in our Photo Gallery. Just email them to Don’t worry about sending a few dozen—you are quite unlikely to crash the voluminous inbox. Photos from the mainstage, showcases, and the vendors’ hall are all great. (One side note: While I can post a few pictures of you with your favorite artists, ideally a majority of photographs will be of general interest.)

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  1. Have a great time! 🙂

  2. You lucky thing, you! It’s a mere hour and a half away from my home, and I’m not going. I’m so sad. Thanks for blogging and taking videos and photos for all of us so we can be a small part of the wonderful week. Have a fantastic time, Daniel! And thank you for all you do. You’re a blessing to me.

  3. You’re welcome!

    I know Internet coverage has been a huge blessing for me the years I haven’t been able to make it, so I hope to be able to pass the blessing along (and maybe even help make the coverage more extensive and detailed than in previous years 😉 ).