In Case Blogs are a passing fad…

It occurred to me the other day that if blogs are a passing fad, then might be outdated one of these days. “So 2000s,” the 2010s geeks will say.

So just in case the blogging fad passes, and I still have something to say…

I just bought the domain names and I figure those are two domains that should remain viable into the long-term future.

I think has enough name ID now that it’s not worth re-branding the site at this point. (But I am open to input on this point. Thoughts?) At any rate, the domain names are now active and typing them in will bring you to this site.

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  1. Hey Daniel! What did you think about GV’s new album, Not Alone??? Just curious. I will be getting it soon.

  2. I thought the first and last two songs were the two best.

  3. I agree. I think the current website name is still good. I mean, goodness, John McCain’s daughter is apparently blogging, so I guess it’s not too boring yet!

  4. Something else would have to come along to cause blogs to fade away.