3:1 CD Review: You’ve Got to Believe (Homeland Harmony Quartet)

3:1 Reviews offer three highlights of an album and one area that could have been improved.

1. For All My Sin: Philip Batton, who left shortly after the project’s release, anchors its standout big ballad. This track is a medley; it closes with “Down From His Glory” and does not return to the original.

2. He Hideth My Soul: Creative arrangements and a power vocal arrangement do the hymn justice and justify its inclusion on a mainline project.

3. Production quality: With Roger Talley at the helm and the Crossroads studio team doing the tracks, the production quality is far above what is found on the typical regional project.

:1. One thing I would change: Song Covers: This album hovers right on the edge between being a really good regional group’s project and a project deserving attention as a national-quality mainline release. Most of the songs are new or forgotten and deserving of a second shot. But if you’re a national group, you don’t include “Old Time Christian Way” (Signature Sound) or “When I Get Carried Away” (Gold City) on a mainline release unless you can top the original or bring a fresh arrangement. If Homeland Harmony wants to be a really good regional group, projects like this one would make them one of the best out there. If they have national / full-time aspirations, they would do well to reserve tracks like those two for table projects.

Traditional or Progressive: Middle-of-the-road.

Radio Single Picks: “For All My Sin”

Album Rating: Average song rating: 3.2 stars. CD rating: 3.5 stars.

Credits: Group members: Philip Batton (tenor), Stephen Watkins (lead), Ron Crane (baritone), Pete Wilson (bass). • Produced by: Roger Talley. • Review copy provided. • Song list: Old Time Christian Way; You’ve Got to Believe to See; For All My Sin; Count on You; I Stand Before Your Majesty; When I Get Carried Away; He Hideth My Soul; Every Step I Take; He’ll Be There; Patriotic Medley.

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  1. Thanks for highlighting a group from right here in Idaho, the northwestern hub of Southern Gospel :). Both Philip and Ron attend my church, though Philip is pretty busy traveling with Liberty Quartet. But, these guys are the real deal. They did a great job on this first CD. Roger did a great job with the production. Good recording.

    • Cool! I hadn’t realized it was a first CD – for a first effort, that would be very good.

  2. Wonder if they realize the storied history behind the name of the quartet? I thought the name would have been retired with the death of Connor Hall.

  3. I think I have frozen in my memory the combination of the delightful, distant views of the Nevada desert and eastern snowcapped Sierras as we dropped in elevation southbound from Tonopah on Easter Sunday morning on our very indirect route to Fan Fest last April, with Homeland Harmony blasting from my car stereo! Enjoyed the trip and the music on the way! Ha! I hit the “repeat” button a few times on that album, also! And please pardon that long introductory sentence!