3:1 Review: Live From Florida (Blackwood Brothers)

Live from Florida (Blackwood Brothers)3:1 Reviews offer three highlights of an album and one area that could have been improved.

1. Daddy Sang Bass: The line “me and little brother would join right in there” rings true when it is sung by two brothers!

2. Mike Hammontree: The Blackwood Brothers made the right move by adding a full-time pianist, and they found the right man for their style in Mike Hammontree. Plus, Hammontree’s Johnny Cash impersonation, included here, is a pleasant addition to their live concert routines.

3. God Made a Way: Randy Byrd’s bass feature is smooth and confident.

:1. One thing I would change: Song Selection: Except for the highlights noted above, most of the set list mirrors the group’s previous live albums and videos. I would have pulled several more classics from the treasure trove of the group’s rich history. That said, the album’s purpose was to feature the current lineup singing reliable concert favorites. Though fans who have the group’s three previous live recordings may not need to add this to their collections, Live from Florida does fulfill its intended purpose and would be a good introduction for a newcomer.

Traditional or Progressive

Traditional piano-and-vocals classic quartet singing.

Song Selection Creativity Meter: 14%

In place of radio single picks and an album rating, table projects featured in a 3:1 review are measured by a different metric—what percent of the songs on the album are pulled from outside of the 200 Most Frequently Recorded Southern Gospel songs.


Group members: Wayne Little (tenor), Jimmy Blackwood (lead), Billy Blackwood (baritone), Randy Byrd (bass), Mike Hammontree (pianist). • Produced by: Billy Blackwood. • Review copy provided. • Song list: The Old Country Church; Feelin’ Fine; God Made a Way; Jesus is Coming Soon; The Lighthouse; Mike’s Piano Solo (Joshua Fit ‘De Battle of Jericho / Goodbye World Goodbye); I Want to be More Like Jesus; How Great Thou Art; The Man Upstairs; Daddy Sang Bass; Just a Little Talk With Jesus; Learning to Lean; Oh What a Savior.

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