3:1 Review: Bass-ic Training (Gerald Williams)

3:1 Reviews offer three highlights of an album and one area that could have been improved.

1. Technique: The video is a one-hour introduction to the basics of proper voice technique, both generally and as specifically applied to bass singers. Gerald Williams explains this technique in an easy-to-understand way, with memorable metaphors and illustrations.

2. Delivery style: Williams strikes the perfect balance of authority and a friendly delivery. He comes across as warm and likable without making it seem unnatural or forced.

3. Pithy quotes: Williams’ memorable metaphors and warm delivery are enhanced by numerous pithy and well-put quotes. Case in point: “If you’re not real low, wait till you are before you try to sing low.” Another: “There’s an old saying: ‘The show has to go on.’ Well, yes it does, but you don’t have to abuse yourself to get it done!”

:1. One thing I would change: The live concert footage of the Melody Boys in concert, demonstrating the techniques Williams explains, is at a significantly lower resolution than the rest of the film. The final result would have been stronger had the Melody Boys recorded new footage, even a simple one-camera shot, in a living room around a piano.



That minor quibble aside, this video is highly recommended for any Southern Gospel vocalist. Beginners on a tight budget could not make a better investment than spending $20 on this DVD (available here).

Review copy provided.

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