Sony’s Thoughts: Where are the Laborers?

“I pray that You’ll be pleased with me when I lay my harvest at Your feet for I will never pass this way again.” ~Dottie Rambo

“Lord, don’t let me leave an unharvested field.” ~Ronny Hinson

The past couple weeks, I’ve been listening to these songs by two great songwriters who understood the importance of the times in which we live and how important the harvest is. I believe the majority of Christians would say they believe Jesus’ could return any day but I don’t see the burden for those who are still lost. It seems we’ve become complacent in accepting our salvation that we really don’t care what happens to anyone else when they die. I’ve been guilty of this myself, and I’m thankful God chose me to be His daughter but I know that, as His daughter, there is a work for me to do. I want to be that lamp that cannot be snuffed out, that will take time to share with people why I’m so happy in the midst of dark times. And, my friend, if you think things are dark now, we haven’t seen anything yet.

Personally, I’m not a fan of handing out tracts. Not that there’s anything wrong with it and I’m sure God uses it at times but it can be an impersonal way of feeling like you’re accomplishing a duty without taking the time to love those lost recipients of the tract. To be truly effective, we need to be willing to take time for people. You’ve heard the saying, “Everyone has a story.” Take time to hear that story. People need to feel like someone cares. If you will take the time to listen to them, there’s a better chance they will listen to you.

I pray that I will be faithful to be a light to those around me. People are dying every day and you never know whose day this is going to be. Will their destination be Heaven or Hell? Let’s not be content with our salvation; let’s make sure others have the opportunity to choose Life as well.

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  1. If you get a chance Sony, listen to Greater Vision’s song “My House is Full But My Field is Empty.” It’s on the Jubilee 2 CD. It speaks to this exact topic.