Michael Helwig joins Dixie Echoes

Wesley Smith left the Dixie Echoes last month to return to the Palmetto State Quartet. Yesterday evening, the Dixie Echoes announced that their new tenor is quartet veteran Michael Helwig. Helwig, 35, has been singing professionally since age 19. He has sung tenor with Canada’s Torchmen, and lead and baritone with the Wilburns, the Stamps Quartet, the Williamsons, and, most recently, the Blackwood Quartet.

Helwig was born in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada and currently lives in Carthage, Tennessee. He will be moving to the Dixie Echoes’ home base in Pensacola, Florida shortly. He will start with the group Thursday, August 11, at the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion.

Randy Shelnut Jr. commented: “As soon as Michael sang his first song with the group, I knew that we had found our new tenor. His voice blends great with ours and he has the ability to hit every high note with such ease. We’ve known Michael for a while, and are looking forward to having him as a part of the Dixie Echoes.”

He is married to Leslie Helwig, and has twin daughters Eva and Lauren, and a son, Sam.

So how will someone whose professional experience has been singing lead and (most recently) baritone fit as a tenor? Check this out:

Watch for this lineup of the Dixie Echoes to generate some serious buzz, quickly.

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  1. What a great hire! Helwig has long been one of my favorite vocalists in Southern Gospel.

    A quick correction, though: his most recent position was singing lead with the Blackwood Quartet (Mark’s group.) He started out singing tenor with them after Dale Evans left, but moved to lead following David Mann’s move to Statement of Faith.

    • Ah, thanks. I’ll edit. He was with the Williamsons so recently (end of last year) that I’d assumed that must be the most recent.

      • You’re welcome! It was kind of a surprise move; I was at the concert in Huddleston, VA where he debuted with the Blackwood Quartet. Chris West and Dale Evans had both left, and I believe this was the first concert since their departure. I knew that Dean Haskins was pulling double-duty as piano player and bass singer, but no word on tenor. Sure enough, they hit the stage and Michael was singing tenor. I wasn’t all that familiar with him other than a friend of mine speaking very highly of his vocal ability, but I was very impressed that night, and also when I saw the group again a few months ago with him on the lead. He has quite a range on him. The Dixie Echoes are banking on a tremendous talent.

      • Very interesting!

  2. The first time I saw Helwig sing, he was with the Torchmen from Canada at tenor. This was in 2003. (No, my memory isn’t that good. I checked the CD I reviewed that year.)

  3. I know, first hand, that Mike is a great singer. There are not many singers out there with a range like that. He can sing tenor, lead and baritone and he’ll do just as good, if not better as the next guy at all of them.He’s a hard worker and is also a licensed mechanic. Well… he is in Canada, but the cars work the same here, lol.

    • Very neat; thanks for the comment!

      I’m sure that will come in handy when the bus breaks down – note that I said when, not if, since it’s simply a fact of life!

  4. Wow, is all I can say. The Lord has truly blessed him with an amazing voice and range. Thank you so much for sharing this video, I absolutely loved it!!!!