Burman Porter to re-join Dove Brothers

Burman PorterOriginal Dove Brothers bass singer Burman Porter announced on his Facebook page yesterday evening that he will be returning to the Dove Brothers.Β He will start in early September, the week before National Quartet Convention.

The original Dove Brothers had a distinct charisma and sound which set the Southern Gospel world on fire, propelling them to being name Quartet of the Year in the 2002 Singing News Fan Awards, just four years after their 1998 launch. Fans introduced to that original lineup will be delighted to see Porter’s return.

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  1. I guess, then, one could assume the coming departure of David Hester?

  2. I love David Hester’s voice. I hope he keeps singing!

    • Me, too! He won me over with “Leavin’ On My Mind.” Nobody had done it that well since Rusty, and I might even prefer David’s as the best.

      Of course, he’s had other great songs over the years, but that was the one that really won me over to his voice.

  3. Saw this one coming about a year ago…the last time I heard Burman at the NQC (a few years ago)…I forget who he was with…he sounded better than ever! Good return…

  4. I hate to see David Hester leave, really enjoy his bass singing. I wonder how Burman will fit with the newer direction of the dove brothers.

    On second note: really can’t wait for their new live project to come out

  5. Hester left a very good job (power generation industry) to join the Dove Brothers… Bet he is going back.

    • Wasn’t he with the Anchormen and the Stamps between the two?

  6. Hidee,
    I just returned from the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion. From the stage McCray announced that David met with him and simply stated that he wanted to be home more with the grandkids, etc. He said he would still be doing some singing just not on such a large scale. Of course everyone was sad that David is leaving, but they were thrilled that Burman is coming back! The original Dove Brothers once again “brought the house down” at GOGR. I think it was handled wonderfully to simply announce it from the stage, so there is little “grounds” for rumors etc. – very classy!

  7. I personally think David is the best in the business! Going to miss him.

  8. David Hester will be missed. He always remembers my son’s name and takes the time to speak to my “Buddy.” We will always support the Dove Brothers, but it will not be the same without David…

  9. Dont know any of them personally but Porter has a wonderful sound: not that Oak Ridge perfect bass but great in his own right!

  10. I’m certainly a David Hester fan! He’s a GREAT singer, as well as being a great all-around guy…one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet out on the road. If he felt like it was his time to leave the road, I’ll support his decision, and continue to be his friend.

    McCray and the guys couldn’t have made a better choice for David’s replacement. Burman is an original Dove Brother, and he fits perfectly with the group of guys he’s known since before the group’s inception!

    I’m looking forward to hearing him with the Dove Brothers again, and I’m sure the listeners will welcome him back too!

    God bless David as he enters this new phase of his life, and God bless Burman as he steps back on the stage with the Dove Brothers!

    • Agreed; I will miss David, too, but the Dove Brothers couldn’t have made a better pick for his replacement.

  11. i should’ve known this changes when i got this on youtube.

  12. Aww, my posts were deleted. Lame.

    • Quite simple; this site has comment guidelines, which you will see immediately above the box where you type a comment. If you follow the guidelines, your comments stay up. πŸ™‚

    • In reply to the most recent deleted comment: That was only the first part. Note the second sentence. Comments need to be positive and constructive.

      I loved David Hester’s voice, too, by the way, but there are ways to go about saying that here, and ways not to go about saying that. πŸ™‚

    • In reply to the (even) more recent comment, calling people names violates sentence one, and the remainder of the comment violates sentence two.

      We kept the ground rules here very short, simple, and to the point: Three sentences, two lines. They really aren’t that hard to understand.

    • In reply to the even yet more recently deleted comment: I know perfectly well what the rules say. I wrote them. πŸ˜€

  13. Daniel, I enjoy your columns. Thanks for the good job you do.

    • You’re welcome, and thanks for the encouragement!