Saturday News Roundup #85

Worth Knowing

  • The Diplomats

    The Diplomats

    The Diplomats have signed a record deal with Song Garden Music Group. Their debut label project will release this fall.
  • Singing News staffer Rick Francis has been released from the hospital, after suffering a stroke earlier this week. While he is fighting numbness, thankfully, his speech, eyesight, and motor skills were not affected.
  • Last year, Isaacs alumni John R. Bowman (Becky’s husband) and Adam Steffey formed a bluegrass group, The Boxcars, with three other musicians. Earlier this week, they were nominated for nine awards in the final ballot of the IBMA (International Bluegrass Music Association) Awards. This was more than any other group, including the two best-known in Southern Gospel circles, Dailey & Vincent and Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver (who got three each).
  • Several other news items were covered in a Thursday news roundup.

Worth Reading

  • Don’t miss Friday Night Revival’s take on personnel change.

Worth Watching

Apropos of this week’s news that original Dove Brothers bass singer Burman Porter is returning, here’s a reminder of how perfect a match his voice is for the group:

The Ball Brothers posted an official music video yesterday for their song “It’s About the Cross.”

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday. You decide!

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  1. So where is David Hester going? He’s always been a favorite of mine…

    • As far as I know, off the road for now.

  2. The Dove Brothers video is so special…with Hovie and Jake joining in. We are privileged to have the Dove Bros. coming to our church this fall!

    • sorry for the typos…

  3. Daniel fix them for me if you would!

    • No problem! 🙂

      • Thanks a lot, you’re a good man…no matter what your family says about you. Just kidding of course!

      • 😀

  4. I think Becky’s husband is John Bowman, not Adam Steffey…

  5. Nevermind, misread on my part!!! I see it now… Sorry! no need to post!

  6. That Dove Brothers lineup was indeed something special. It is so interesting to see how they performed the song nearly a decade ago v. how they perform the song today.

    • Yes, you could hear the words a decade ago. Now its all band and no vocals.

      • Funny thing is, people were saying that ten years ago about the music a decade before.

      • I agree with that Daniel!

  7. The Ball Brothers Vid is incredible. This is a wonderful song with an incredile message…

  8. I have the original live recording by the Statesmen doing this song. When I first heard the Dove’s do it, it was so close to perfect, including the whistle, that I thought I would love them forever. Now my only hope for them is to return to their roots and quit trying to be a re-incarnation of the Oaks.

    • The interesting thing is that they can do both. That said, I think I also prefer their Statesmen-style era, and I’ll be looking forward to what Burman brings back to the table.

    • I feel that when they started 10 years ago, that they were almost, in a way, looked down on because they were doing 50-60’s style music…now ten years later they are doing 60-70’s style music…many groups from that time period used a heavy country sound to their music…I find it a bit funny that they Dove’s are somewhat looked down on for what doesn’t really seem to off to me…they are simply, in my eyes ten years further with their music than they were then years ago. If that makes sense. I could be wrong though!

      • Again with the typos…oh well.

      • Paul, I totally agree. I think the negative connotation with the Dove Brothers of today stems from the fact that the ’60s-’70s era groups that leaned heavily toward the country sound (and even the flight from the Southern Gospel mainstream taken by group likes the Oakridge Boys and the Dixie Melody Boys) were, in retrospect, deemed harmful for Southern Gospel as a genre.

        As fans and enthusiasts of the music, we should always lean toward the side of the fence that does the best collective good for the genre. The country infusion (and subsequent exodus) did more harm than good for the genre, and folks still remember that. Many, myself include, think that too much straying from the mainstream of the genre could do more damage than it could profit.

      • Yeah, the Oaks pushed into country from gospel music (the name Southern gospel didn’t exist back then), however their music from back then still inspires some of SG singers today. Nonetheless,they are hardly the only one who used country sounds. The Goodman Family did, the Hinsons, the DMB (as mentioned above), the Kingsmen even had steel guitar I believe. The Cathedrals had some that would qualify and in more modern times the Gaither Vocal Band and other acts use it.

        I understand it is different than what some call SG, and I understand not all like it. However, what flavor of SG does? You have the Inspirations, Primitives, McKameys, Pfeiffers (SIC), Isaacs, Melody Boys, Dixie Melody Boys, Gaither Vocal Band, Brian Free and Assurance, EHSS, Talleys, Greater Vision, Mark Trammel Trio, Legacy Five, Talleys, Beyond the Ashes, and in between. That might be a bigger amount of variety under an umbrella than several other styles. So, maybe that particular flavor isn’t to your liking, so don’t get it, but allow those who do enjoy it to get it.

      • See, that’s the thing: I personally love the Dove Brothers’ newly adopted country flavor. I just think the “off-the-beaten path” mentality could be damaging to the genre in the long run. It’s in the history books.

      • I understand your point, but even looking back at SG’s origins, we see the music has changed some. Don’t get me wrong, certain things have remained, but you can tell a difference between even about the most traditional stuff still here and how it started out. There are some who still use two mics, and just piano, so the original type isn’t totally gone, but most every artist I mentioned above won’t be confused with the Speers, Blackwoods and others from the beginning.

      • But I think they still do quite a bit of the old style as well.

  9. The video is awesome! So sort of a mini-thread:

    What other artists do you think should do this?

  10. Ok.. About the Doves’ performance of “Get Away, Jordan” – The best Doves performance of “Get Away, Jordan” was at the 1999 NQC. McCray & the guys sang it for over 6 minutes. I have the audio, but I’m just waiting for someone to post it on YouTube. It was great!!

    • Andrew, where did you find the audio of that performance?

      • I bought it at Wal-Mart several years back. Other than Ebay or Amazon, I don’t know of a specific place to purchase the project. The DVD is for sale on the NQC site ( for $14.95. It features the power Gold City lineup of Parrack, Trammell, Wilburn, & Riley in addition to Glen Payne’s call-in performance.

  11. If anyone felt like discussing other blogs here, fire away.