Wes Hampton in for the long haul

I have intentionally held back from getting to like any Gaither Vocal Band tenor too much. They put in two years with the Gaither Vocal Band, then leave for a solo career in Contemporary Christian Music. Well, it looks like Wes Hampton could be a different sort of tenor. He recently had an interview with the Kalamazoo Gazette (hat tip, Gospelmusicfan), where he said:

“I’ll be in this group till it ceases to exist,” Hampton predicted.

He has spent more than a year with the group, whose alumni include Steve Green, Michael English and Russ Taff, all of whom have solo careers.

“I don’t want a solo career; I’m here for the group,” Hampton said. “I’m living my dream.”

I like what I’m seeing thus far. He has a good voice, and if the Gaither Vocal Band can keep him for the long haul, they could go to new heights.

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  1. Count me as one of the fans that is glad that Wes is planning to stay with GVB. It’s not surprising based on the fact that he has been a GVB fan for years and already knew all of their songs when he was called for an interview. Was this interview with him published somewhere?

  2. I agree that Wes is just great, and I am a huge David Phelps fan! I think this blend of Guy, Marsh, Wes and Bill is one of the best the GVB has ever had. Check out Wes’ blog at http://weshampton.com/ He has lots of behind the scenes stories. (Sorry I couldn’t get it to do a link.)

  3. Sorry! It’s there now.

  4. Actually, the GVB has only had two two-year or less tenors…Steve Green (81-83) and Terry Franklin (92-93). All the others have stayed at least four.

    His predecessor, David Phelps, was with the group seven years (98-05).

    I’m encouraged by Hampton’s words as well…however, other GVB members have also been content for a season before changing their minds about making the GVB their life’s work. No one ever thought Mark Lowry would leave the GVB until the GVB ceased to exist, because Mark and Bill were such a great comedy team…however, it didn’t work out that way.

  5. David, you have a point. The “two years” thing was an exaggeration to make a point. But several tenors only stayed a few years before leaving for a CCM solo career; of these, Steve Green, Jonathan Pierce, and David Phelps are the first to come to mind.

    Even if Wes doesn’t stay the rest of his life (or, more precisely, the rest of Bill’s life), though, I would expect him to be around at least as long as Phelps was.

  6. WE heard a similar sentiment from David Phelps. When Wes is doing solo CCM CD’s we’ll kow the end is near.

    No one could compare with the vocal instrument that is David Phelps, but Wes is a great tenor and blends and fits in well with the GVB. And the comment that implied the GVB would end at Bill’s death is probably not accurate. I imagine Giy, Wes, and Marsh will find a bass and continue to hit the road.