Homeland Announces Name Change

Yesterday, Homeland Entertainment Group announced a new focus and a name change. Effective September 1, their name will change to Homeland Inspiration Group. President and CEO Bob Jones announced that their focus is going to “maneuver more away from the term entertainment and convey more of a ministry concentration.” He added, “We are confident that God is leading this name and focus change.”

Homeland will also move office locations. They will move to an office building that is currently home to Laverne Tripp Ministries and Family Room Studios; all future Homeland recordings will be produced at Family Room Studios. Homeland’s telephone number will remain the same; their website, currently at www.homelandentertainmentgroup.com, will be re-launched. [EDIT, 2/22/13: Broken link removed.]

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  1. I remember back in the days when Homeland was one of the top labels.

  2. Call me new-fashioned, but I don’t understand why people in this genre have such a dislike for entertainment. Do they not want people to enjoy themselves at their concerts?

    Entertainment (noun): The action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment

    • It’s not about excluding or shunning entertainment. It’s about making it clear that the primary focus is not to entertain, but to minister.

      • Then why didn’t they change it to Homeland Ministry Group?

      • I don’t know about that. Probably an aesthetic thing.

    • I think Inspiration is a good term, it can encompass ministry along with something that “uplifts” or maybe you might even be entertained! 🙂

    • Yes, but if our purpose is just to entertain we should change to singing positive country music. The audiences would be much larger and we could actually make a good living. Even the most popular gospel groups make peanuts compared to secular artist. It’s is the life changing message that makes if worth the financial sacrifice. However, we do want people really enjoy our music.

      • I see what you are saying. However, why can’t you both minister AND entertain? It seems like the two biggest groups all-time to figure this out are two of the most popular groups all-time in SG – the Statesmen and EHSS.

        They each were one of the most popular of their time. And yet, they were probably the most controversial because it seems people are afraid of the “e” word.

        It’s proven that being entertaining is successful in the box office, and yet both groups still understand that it is also a ministry.

        The “entertainment” factor helps get people in the door, but the ministry keeps them coming back for more.

      • I think everyone agrees with you that it is both ministry and entertainment. No one has said otherwise. It’s just an issue of which one takes bigger precedence.

  3. To the person whose comment was just deleted: If you do indeed hate to be ugly, then…don’t be ugly! 🙂

    • Daniel, some of us don’t want to be ugly, but we were born this way….

  4. People record music which they in turn perform on stage and sell in the form of CDs, etc.

    Like it or not, that’s entertainment.

    That said, I can’t blame Homeland for changing their name. Some people see that word and get offended, even though it’s an irrational reaction.

    I just wonder why they felt the need to define it. What’s wrong with something like “Homeland Music?” When I see a name like Homeland Inspiration Group, I have no idea what business they’re in.

    Maybe it’s a Christian cable network, maybe it’s a bunch of new age quacks, maybe they’re Buddhists…who knows?

    • Well, it’s not like Homeland Entertainment group told us that they were a Christian music company. Perhaps they were a circus focused on American culture!

  5. Homeland today is not the same company that my good friend Bill Traylor started back in the 80’s. He had the Cathedrals and Speers as investors and artist. They provided huge amounts of money in cash flow which Bill wisely invested in EZ key sound tracks. Unfortunately, Homeland signed every “major” artist and lost huge amounts of money. The retail market also changed Christian bookstore began carrying less Southern Gospel music as downloading from the Internet and direct sales from TV (Gaither) took a larger part of the market.
    When Bill and I started this new company it was a completely new business plan. We are committed to helping groups at all levels expand their ministries. By the way Bill now heads up Mansion Entertainment and is no longer affiliated with Homeland.

    • Thanks for the interesting history!

  6. It’s an old issue but it’s simple. We (Gospel Groups) do both. You can’t sing a Gospel song and the Gospel not minister. However a group can choose to invest more time in a program to focus on ministry or entertainment.

    I’m impressed with Homeland choice to focus more on ministry. Just my thoughts.

    Also… I respect the writers compliments of The Statesmen and SSQ being the biggest groups of all time. They are both certainly bigger than my group by a long way… However don’t forget about GVB and The Blackwood Brothers who could both write a check and buy the Statesmen and SSQ respectfully. Time has a way of causing us to loose perspective. Just a thought. Having said that, the only thing we leave in this world is our influence. So I would encourage us all to leave the influence from ministry and use our ability to entertain to accomplish this.

    Michael Booth

    • Thank you as always for your insight!

      The comment about the Blackwood Brothers and GVB being able to write checks and buy the Statesmen and EHSS is particularly intriguing. I knew that, in both cases, the one was better off than the other in sales / financially, but hearing it put that way is certainly intriguing!

    • For the record, I did make sure to say “one of” the best.

      I have no issue with Homeland wanting to focus on ministry. I was only questioning if that was the true reason for the change, or if it might have to do more with getting away from the word “entertainment”

  7. It’s a dangerous thing when we all start writing because our tone is not heard. So I got ya Josh and totally respect your thoughts.

    I consider Ernie a friend so I’m certainly not being negative towards him.. Shoot were talking about the TOP FOUR GROUPS OF ALL TIME!!! Pretty awesome when ya think of it. Wait!! Now we gotta put the Cats in there…. Ok I give!!

    Well….. please don’t let me send this discussion down a different path.

    It’s a great discussion and at the end of the day I see it this way. IF we are going to sing Gospel music then Christ deserves the highest priority. Having said that, Jesus is our source of joy and hope. So I think the entertainment part can reflect that, just so long as we are respectful and honor our Savior and represent Him as He deserves.

    Again Josh I respect your thoughts and your post. Thanks for loving the music!


    • I think we can ALL agree on that. Well said Michael!