Upcoming Southern Gospel CD/DVD Releases, September 2011

This list aims to be inclusive of Daywind, Crossroads, Horizon/Crossroads, Sonlite/Crossroads, Vine/Crossroads, Gaither Music Group/EMI CMG, Stow Town/Provident/Integrity, New Haven/Provident/Integrity, Song Garden, Homeland, The Mansion Entertainment, and major independent group releases where known.

September 2011

  • 9/6: Part of the Family, Collingsworth Family (Stow Town / Provident/Integrity)
  • 9/12: Journey, Libbi Perry Stuffle (Daywind)
  • 9/13: A Man Like Me, Wes Hampton (Gaither Music Group / EMI CMG)
  • 9/13: 100 Years: A Celebration of Southern Gospel Music (Daywind)
  • NQC week: From the Heart, Triumphant Quartet
  • NQC week: Feels Like Sunday, Bowling Family
  • NQC week: Now, The Browns
  • NQC week: Promise, Promise
  • NQC week: A Living Legacy: The Songs of Squire Parsons, produced by Jim Brady and featuring the Booth Brothers, Brian Free & Assurance, Debra Talley, Gold City, Greater Vision, The Hoppers, Ivan Parker, Jeff & Sheri Easter, Jim & Melissa Brady, Karen Peck & New River, The Kingdom Heirs, The Kingsmen, Legacy Five, Mark Trammell Quartet, Triumphant Quartet, and The Whisnants.
  • 9/20: Live, Dove Brothers (Sonlite/Crossroads)
  • 9/20: Timeless: A Christmas Collection, Crist Family (Horizon/Crossroads)
  • 9/20: Family Chain: The Songs of Joe Isaacs, John Bowman (Pisgah Ridge/Crossroads)
  • 9/21: Baptized on Sunday, Penny Loafers (Mansion)
  • 9/21: Christmas Must Be Tonight, Three Bridges (Mansion)
  • 9/21: A Country Campmeeting featuring Palmetto State Quartet (Mansion)
  • 9/21: A Country Campmeeting featuring Three Bridges (Mansion)
  • 9/21: A Country Campmeeting featuring Triumphant Quartet (Mansion)
  • 9/23: God’s Been Faithful, Liberty Quartet
  • 9/27: Family Ties, Wilburn & Wilburn (Daywind)
  • 9/27: Sometimes I Cry, Gerald Crabb (Daywind)
  • 9/27: Old Rugged Cross CD/DVD, Gaither Homecoming Friends (Gaither Music Group / EMI CMG)
  • 9/27: Tent Revival Homecoming CD/DVD, Gaither Homecoming Friends (Gaither Music Group / EMI CMG)

October 2011

  • 10/4: Somebody’s Coming, Gold City (New Haven / Provident/Integrity)
  • 10/11: Brighter One, Marshall Hall (Daywind)
  • 10/11: A Wonderful Life, Legacy Five (Daywind)

November 2011

  • 11/1: Journey, Libbi Perry Stuffle (Daywind)
Is this list missing anything significant, especially among independent group releases? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I can’t wait to get a lot of those!

  2. I pre-ordered the Collingsworth one almost two weeks ago, hoping they’d send it nice and early. Still waiting…oh, well.

    • I’m sorry Brian—Wes Burke and I got ours last week though! Could be we got in a little earlier. I’d say give it another week.

      • Well, a week would be the release date, so I would hope I had it by then. I’m not complaining, just being wistful. The Stow Town store said when I bought I would get it on or before the release date. So no biggie.

      • Oh, now I understand… you BOUGHT a copy while Wes and I were cheapskates and asked for review copies. That makes sense now. 🙂

      • Actually, I should correct that—Wes may have bought his copy, but I just guessed his was a review copy because he got it on the same day I got mine.

      • Ah…I’ve never considered asking for review copies of anything. That would just feel awkward to me. But I take it if they offer it! 🙂

      • Yeah, I basically only do it if I know I can review something the moment I get it, as a kind of advance publicity. If it’s past the release date, I figure I missed my chance and don’t bother.

  3. Its always tough in Sept to decide which ones to get. Last year at NQC, I had a plan. I knew what was coming out and I hit the tables quick and got my music. Perrys-Blue Skies, Greenes- Hallelujah, and BFA Never Walk Alone. I ended up with 4 or 5 others, but I had my heart set on those. This yr would be a toughie. Hope all these peojects take off big for the artists

  4. Thanks for this post, Daniel. I’ve been waiting on it to make my NQC shopping list. I hope most groups will have their new CDs at their booths even though the official street date is after NQC.

    • I’m glad it’s both expected and useful!

      I’m sure most will have them there.

  5. Daniel,
    You have listed one of the Crossroads releases incorrectly with the wrong label name. Let’s see if you can find and correct it!

    • Oh, boy… 🙂

      I hadn’t noticed that John Bowman’s new CD had been moved to the new Pisgah Ridge label. Fixed!

  6. The new L5 CD is available right now directly from them. Either from their website or on their table, even though the street date is in October…

  7. Jason Crabb’s live CD/DVD that was recorded several months ago releases on October 18. “The Song Lives On” is the title.

  8. Just curious, you have Libbi Stuffle’s project listed on Sept 12 AND Nov 1. What up with that? inquiring minds want to know!! 🙂

    • One is her release date; the other is the label/retail release date. She’ll release it on September 12th, for NQC, but it doesn’t hit the streets till November 1!

      • Okay, since you are on that side of the industry, tell me, if you have a project finished with inventory on hand, why do you wait another month and a half for the official release?

      • Chances are they’re doing a limited press run at a higher cost per copy to have something ready for NQC. I doubt this will be the full, final, mass-produced release.

      • Daniel’s right. Typical pre-releases are limited runs with just the CD in a plastic sleeve with maybe with the cover art. If possible, pre-releases at NQC will have a jewel case and insert, but no artwork on the CD. The actual full project that is released to stores comes out on the street date listed. Hope that helps!

  9. I saw on Facebook that Ryan Seaton has a CD to be released, I thought, this month (September).

    • I believe that isn’t a Southern Gospel CD.

      • I’m not sure I’d call a kids project SG either, but you included I Am A Promise last month.

        By the way, the release date is 9/26, but he will have a limited supply available at his NQC booth.

      • :shrugs shoulders: At the time I was assuming they were doing all or almost all of the vocals, and some (e.g. “Only a Boy Named David”) had a distinctly SG twist.

  10. The Bowling Family’s cd is now available to retail. It has also been available from Springside and the Bowling Family’s site for a couple of weeks.

    They’re also “Featured Artists” on “The Gospel Greats” program this weekend spotlighting that cd.

  11. Is the Dove Brothers “Live” also a DVD?

    • No – the plan all along was to do a live album, and thus there wasn’t any video recorded of the event.

      • Thanks

  12. Does anyone know for sure when the new Dixie MELODY boys cd will be out?

  13. Hey, I’m so looking forward to these releases. I saw in Singing News that the Hoppers have a new “Classic Hymns Collection” coming out that is able to be preordered however, I don’t see anywhere that it is to be. So I’m not sure about it. However I do know that – there is a new project coming out but not sure when.

  14. Daniel, do you have any news on the newest Isaacs’ record? It seems like I have read some news on it somewhere but now cannot relocate what I’ve read.

  15. Daniel, do you have any news on the newest Isaacs’ record? It seems like I have read some news on it somewhere but now cannot relocate what I’ve read.

    • The cd releases November 1 and will feature new songs written by the family members as well as some cover tunes, I Believe in a Hill Called Mt. Calvary and Hallelujah Turnpike.

      • Thanks! I thought I had seen it somewhere, but I hadn’t remembered.

      • Do you know the CD name? I could swear the title is “Hope,” but I can’t for the life of me remember where I’ve seen this or how I know.

      • The cd is titled Why Can’t We.

        By the way, I posted about the cd on my blog. :0)

      • Thanks for the insight, Andrew S.

        BTW, what is the address of your blog?

  16. I’m looking for a digital version of the Collingsworth project. Anyone know where I can find one?