14 Letters to the Editor

Southern Gospel Journal welcomes letters to the editor. We will post the most thoughtful and insightful submissions. Ground rules: Don't attack or belittle groups or fellow posters, or advance heresies rejected by orthodox Christianity. Do keep comments positive, constructive, and on topic.
  1. Welcome Brian!

  2. Thank you Steve, and thank you Daniel. I appreciate your hospitality! Hope you all will visit the blog and leave me a comment! God Bless You

  3. How nice of you Daniel to welcome Brian. Those who speak well of people need never whisper. The good deeds we do live long after us. 🙂

    • Thanks! 🙂

      I never know when the next new blogger will be the next MusicScribe or Wes Burke, so it makes sense to welcome them from the start! 🙂

      • Indeed. As fridaynightrevival and I can attest.

      • (!) Well, yes, of course I made posts welcoming both.

      • It’s also nice because it helps bloggers get to know each other. FNR and I wouldn’t have become friends if you hadn’t helped us launch into the blogging world.

      • Oh, and to be clear, we’re not Musicscribe or Burke’s Brainwork (yet!) I’m just pulling your chain.

      • The comment had seemed rather serious.

      • Well, I suppose it was serious in that he and I are both very active, and we both came on the scene fairly recently. Steve Eaton is another relatively new blogger you introduced who’s developed into a must-read (though he’s had a bit more time to build it up).

      • Steve has the best new column ideas of any new blogger (and we might be able to drop the new part) – smack down, must buy or not, etc. – he is off to an incredibly strong start.

      • Yeah, another factor is that he simply has an enormous SG collection. So he’s able to go back and pull out all kinds of things, like the Shulers’ original for “Homecoming Day” recently.

      • Yes.

        We are both now too far off-topic. Let’s take discussion of blogs other than Brian’s to open threads.