Saturday News Roundup #86

Worth Knowing

  • The second half of voting in Friday Night Revival’s Revival Awards is now open.
  • First Love - Troy Peach, Katy Peach, Jeff SnyderTroy and Katy Peach and Jeff Snyder are re-launching First Love. They will be performing dates on a limited basis, including a showcase at NQC. They have launched a Facebook page, here.
  • The Perrys and Brian Free & Assurance both taped live in-the-studio DVDs at Oak Tree Studios in Tennessee on Thursday.
  • Jim Brady coordinated a tribute project to Squire Parsons, with eighteen Southern Gospel groups each cutting one of his songs. The CD, A Living Legacy, will be released at the National Quartet Convention; after the convention, it will be available for sale from Squire’s website.
  • Suwanee River Boys alumnus Buford Abner, age 93, recently fell and broke his hip. He had hip replacement surgery on Tuesday, and is recovering nicely.

Worth Reading

  • Via Michael Hyatt: These basic marketing 101 principles for Christian fiction are worth applying to Southern Gospel groups. Core to everything else: Before you spread the word about your group, identify what makes you unique, and do the hard work to distill it down to a sound bite. It’s very hard work, but worth every minute.
  • Via An Artist’s Perspective: An incisive and insightful take on the real value of a radio hit.
  • Via Friday Night Revival: Revisiting Greater Vision’s major-label debut, On a Journey. If FNR can find the time to keep writing reviews that are this in-depth, it won’t be long until we’re all naming him in the same breath as Wes Burke!

Worth Watching

Yes, the videographer was probably sitting directly under a subwoofer. But even with the technical challenge, this Mark Trammell Quartet take on “Blood Washed Band” is well worth watching. It’s the right time to bring the song back, and the right group to do it. 

The song appears on MTQ’s new Treasures CD, reviewed here—one of only two Mark Trammell Trio/Quartet CDs to receive a five-star rating here (the other was Always Have a Song), 

Worth Discussing

It’s the weekly open thread—you decide!

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  1. Very reminiscent of The Cathedrals Travelin’ Live rendition… especially with Mark singing the exact same part. I’ve always loved this song and this is how it’s meant to be done.

    • Yes, sir! Of all the Cathedrals alumni groups, this group is the right one to bring this song back.

  2. Enjoyed the video very much! Hey, Daniel, your description says “Boundless Love” instead of of “Blood Washed Band.” Are you trying to see if we’re paying attention?!?!

    • Oh, dear…it’s SO tempting to say yes!

      But I’ll resist that temptation. No, it wasn’t intentional. 🙂 Thanks for the catch, and I just fixed it!

      • Blogger Quartet flashback!!

      • NOOOOO!!!!!! haha :O)

      • Just when I thought I forgotten that entire ordeal; your comment brings it all flooding back like a bad dream! Thanks David!

  3. I love this video! Even better from that Youtuber’s videos IMO is Master Builder. Like you said, the camera might be next to a subwoofer but I love the energy the guys have throughout!

    • Well, Mark owns “Master Builder,” of course, and they’ve been doing it for all or most of the time that he’s had his group going. So it’s less new than this one. 🙂

  4. Did you switch the font on us?

    • Yes, sir! How does it look?

      I was just experimenting with using custom fonts this morning, and I decided I rather liked the look of this one. 🙂

      • Oh, and just for the record, the new font was up for about three minutes before someone noticed. I have to give my readers credit – time and again, I’ve seen that y’all certainly do pay attention to detail!

      • I noticed it the minute I got on. I was kind of waiting for it to change back to normal and realized after a second it wouldn’t. I like it fine!

      • Personally, I liked the other one better, but I’m more of a straight-lined kind of guy. I don’t mind it, but I liked the other one better.

        And I noticed it so quickly because it changed when I submitted my comment.

      • Ah, OK! Well, probably 75%+ of all websites online use Arial or a similar sans-serif font for the main body of their text.

        I guess we’ll count the jury still out on this one, then! 🙂

      • I vote for some sort of sans serif font as well…easier to read on the screen for me.

      • OK. 🙂

        I’m really fond of serif fonts, but I’ll contemplate finding one that splits the difference.

        What I really OUGHT to do is switch to some outlandish font, and let myself be negotiated down to this one. This sort of thing has happened a couple of times, and I’ve yet to learn my lesson. Don’t start with the ideal! 😀

      • I have a Walt Disney font that would be brutal to read on a blog!

      • Do you have a link to what that would look like?

  5. Daniel,

    For my older eyes the former was better in that it was clearer and easier to read at a glance!

    Your call though, Den-Meister 🙂

  6. Yeah, the other font was easier to read. But I’m not complaining at all. Your blog. I’ll still check it out.

    Thanks for the kind words. Also, let me throw out a notice. But today at 2 pm, the poll will be shut down due to maintenance to the poll site, Survey Monkey. It should be back up later tonight. But in between 2 pm and 10 pm (ish?), if you hit the site and it doesn’t pop up, no fear…it will be back up soon.

    Carry on.

    • Thanks!

      I might try a different font after a few days. The one decision I have made is to switch from the same plain-vanilla Arial that pretty much everyone else uses to a serif font. Beyond that point, though, I’m open to experimenting with different serif fonts.

      • First thing I noticed on SGB was the font change! 😮 In my (humble) opinion, I believe the Trebuchet MS (it was actually Trebuchet, not Arial, FYI) was easier to read than this serif (Palentino?) and lended itself better to the blog’s contemporary design. But those are just my two-cents…and they’re not worth that much! 😀

        -Taylor for TGF

      • OK!

        But a contemporary design just isn’t fitting for a Southern Gospel blog, is it? Wouldn’t a more traditional look be better? 🙂

      • Oh, and by the way, I do think you’re right about it being Trebuchet vs. Arial. They both have a similar feel, though.

      • Well, from my “designer” perspective, I would label SGB more of a contemporary design – contemporary as in current/modern, not as grungy or trendy – compared to let’s say…Singing News’ website. Perhaps classy would have been a better word.

        It’s good to experiment with new looks every once and a while to freshen up websites. It was just a surprise to see the change this morning, so I gave my first opinion. 🙂 (I personally gravitate to sans serifs, but font choice all depends on what fits the site’s overall design.) So whatever font you chose, we will like it…as long as the content remains great, naturally. 😀

        -Taylor for TGF

      • Over time, I hope to move away from that, then. 🙂

    • Ok, well apparently it’s still open. I guess continue to vote until you get a notice.

  7. Hey, y’all: I tweaked font size, spacing, and margins. How do you like it now?

    • I for one like the change – tis something different. A breath of fresh air; just like “Bloodwashed Band” very classy I like it.

      • Thanks!

        It should be noted, of course, that you saw it after I bumped the font size up, and tweaked the line spacing and the margins. 🙂 Most of the dislike comments were prior to the change.

    • Improved, but Mom wonders if the size could be increased some more for readability purposes. 🙂

      • I actually did increase it by one, but at the present time, I’m now testing another font.

  8. Concerning the new font: It is noticeably harder to read, but maybe that would help everyone avoid speed-reading and take the time to concentrate on what we are reading!

    • Yes, it is not conducive to speed-reading.

      Maybe I should bite the bullet and go back to a sans-serif font. I’ll probably give this at least a day or two first.

  9. Of all the bass singers out there today, Pat Barker has become my favorite! He seems to possess that “George Younce quality” that so many others aspire to. He delivers a solo line like a lead singer, only in the bass register. And vocal frying is off limits for those in Barker’s realm. Of course, he’s not afraid to venture up to middle C (and beyond, sometimes), but his lower notes still speak well. Can’t wait to see them in person!!!

    • Count me also in the number of those who love Pat’s voice. He can “do George” in his sleep, if he wants, and yet he has a nicely resonant voice all his own.

      • “He can “do George” in his sleep” So, he can do a deep bass snore? 😉

      • You know what I meant. 🙂

        But that’s funny just the same!

    • Personally, there is no doubt in my mind that Pat Barker is the best bass on the road today. He is a GREAT singer!

      One thing I absolutely love is the energy he sings with. Reminds me a bit of Riley Clark in that regard.

  10. The Mark Trammell Quartet now has a YouTube page:

  11. Note: All font-related comments with a time stamp earlier than this one are pertaining to an earlier font being tested.

    • This font looks good, Daniel! (Also we noticed hovercards are enabled, too! We should update our Gravatar profile now…) 🙂

      • Cool!

        Oh, and don’t count on them staying enabled. I’m not 100% convinced on the idea yet. 🙂

      • Ahh! You’re still awake!

        Ben doesn’t get the point of the hovercards; he doesn’t know what they are. 🙂

      • Tell Ben that they’re supposed to bring the same excitement to a website that helicopters bring to an airshow. 🙂

        I’ve not been sleeping well the last few days, so I thought I’d stay up late and see if being really tired would help. I was planning to call it a night right around 11, and it’s a few minutes after that here, so there’s a decent chance I won’t see your reply till the morning. 🙂

      • Ben still doesn’t get it. 😆 He gets excited about helicopters and airshows, but about Gravatars and websites…

        Hope you sleep well. Some members have been in the same boat this week. “Good morning” if you read this response tomorrow!


      • Thanks!

        Ah well, worth a try!

        Good night and good morning to you as well!