Blog Maintenance: Testing a New Font

For years, I have been a fan of serif fonts.Β This graphic design came bundled with a standard sans-serif font. Over the weekend, I tested a serif font which a few too many of you said was unreadable. How is this one?

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  1. Looking good, Daniel!

  2. For a serif font, it’s pretty good.

    I’m a fan of serif fonts as well, by the way…as long as they’re in books where they belong! :o)

    • Ha! πŸ™‚ Well, remember that I got my start in print media, with newsletters and then a book! πŸ™‚

  3. I like serif fonts. And I can read this fine.

  4. I actually prefer the old font…whatever it was!

    • I believe the old font was plain-vanilla Verdana, downscaling to Arial if you didn’t have Verdana on your system.

  5. There was some shock at first, but now I like it.

  6. Is it my computer, browser or are other people’s computers having a delay in the text displaying when accessing the site or I think changing entries?

    • I get odd little delays now and then, especially right after a change. But the browser works items into its cache after a while, and things eventually speed up.

  7. I find it a bit hard to read, but perhaps it just takes some getting used to. I don’t think serif fonts are considered optimal for digital displays.

    • Yes, for older CRT screens. More and more people are using flat screens now.

  8. Still more eye-strain then the original, Daniel.

    I do think sans-serif work better on back lit media. A good clean sans-serif is ‘Calibri’, much nicer than Arial.

    This is better than previous, but not as clear as former! IMHO

    • Are you on a CRT or a LED screen?

      • LED.

        I think the problem is Ecc 12:3b, not CRT!

      • πŸ™‚