Creative Ways to Get to NQC: Part Two

Dad and Mom Garms - Tractor

Second “Creative Way to Get to NQC”:


Length of Trip: 85 hours at 9 miles per hour – an estimated nonstop drive of 3.5 days

Dad and Mom Garms chose the family’s lawn tractor and trailer to be their means of transportation for the trip of 766 miles from Braham, Minnesota to Louisville, Kentucky.  

Dad and Mom’s packing list:

  • a suitcase full of shoes for Mom;
  • a suitcase full of hats for Dad;
  • Good Sam Roadside Assistance Membership card; 
  • a road map;
  • “Deep Woods Off” bug spray;
  • two toothbrushes and one tube of toothpaste;
  • 14 gallons of water (one a day for each Dad and Mom; the rest to barter with Caleb for gas);  

Dad and Mom’s food for the trip:

  • plain M&Ms for Dad;
  • peanut M&Ms for Mom;
  • trail mix;
  • and carrots.

The people Dad and Mom are most looking forward to seeing:

  • The kids, if they make it.
  • All the Cathedral Quartet alumni and their groups.

Dad and Mom’s message to all 2011 NQC attendees:

“If we don’t make it, we either took a wrong turn, got stuck behind an Amish buggy, or were waylaid mowing lawns to fund our trip (i.e. buying gas from Caleb).”


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  1. You know my mom was wondering if one of you guys would travel on a riding mower like Richard Farnsworth in _The Straight Story_. Great minds apparently think alike. 😀

    • YGG,

      Well, she certainly hit the nail on the head! We know who Richard Farnsworth is: Matthew Cuthbert from Anne of Green Gables. But we have never heard of “The Straight Story”. Funny!

      -Mom for TGF

      • It is actually a really sweet movie, though the director has directed other things that are NOT family-friendly. The only potential concern is a few swear words, but if you have ClearPlay or something of that sort, you can easily watch it with the whole gang.

    • Garms family must have read about George Jones trip to a bar on his riding mower when his wife took his car keys.

      • Gene,

        Ahh, no. We’ve not heard of this, but it sounds sad nonetheless.

        This picture post was surely meant to be fun! We hope you have enjoyed these posts…



  2. Love it! If you don’t make it, consider my idea from yesterday for listening to NQC live online. Only about $60 or so, and soooo much fun.

    • Stacy,

      I don’t think our computer could handle the web streaming. Our “high” speed internet is at the lowest end of high speed! 🙂

      But it sounds like a blast!

      Blessings and hope you have a wonderful time “down” there!

      -Mom for TGF

  3. Love these plans! LOL. A fun project and am glad they shared with us. Thanks Daniel for posting.

  4. Naturally, with scheduling these posts to go up, I know what’s in the pipeline. I have to say – this is my favorite photo in the whole series. There’s something classic about the feel – (edit) Norman Rockwellian, actually.

    • Normal? There’s nothing “normal” about this picture! Norman Rockellian, perhaps… 😀

      And yes, this picture turned out particularly great. Definitely the cream of the crop for the Dad and Mom photo shoot! 🙂


      • Hmm… I wasn’t getting Norman Rockwell out of it, but I have to admit it probably would have inspired him! 😆 Great fun.

      • Daniel’s right, it is very Rockwellian.

      • TGF – Sorry! Typo!

        Amy – Well, of course, it’s a photo with modern technology, not a painting. But it’s the sort of scene he would have painted.

      • No problem, Daniel! 🙂

      • Oops! Now it’s our turn to catch a typo…”Rockellian” was meant to be “RockWellian”! 🙂


      • I knew what you meant. 🙂

  5. I can see Caleb’s wheelbarrow and Mom & Dad Garms tractor and trailer parked next to one of the artists tour buses..LOL

    • BTW Great Pictures! Must have been a lot of fun….

      • Thank you! We had lots of fun planning out each photo shoot and discussing crazy ideas to get to NQC – good discussion over meal time. 🙂

        We’re glad y’all are enjoying the pictures!


    • Scott,

      We’d be ticketed for parking “junk” at the NQC parking lot 🙂 …but maybe we could fund a better “ride” home by providing tractor and wheelbarrow rides to and from the Expo Center!


      • Canaan did something like that with golf carts a few years back – but it was a publicity stunt for the Hoppers’ The Ride, and they didn’t charge!