Creative Ways to Get to NQC: Part Three


Third “Creative Way to Get to NQC”:


Length of Trip: 191 hours at 4 miles per hour – an estimated nonstop gallop of 7 days

Jayme Garms (age 9) enlisted her stick-horse, Thunderbolt, to be her means of transportation for the trip of 766 miles from Braham, Minnesota to Louisville, Kentucky.  

Jayme’s packing list:

  • I should bring an extra cowboy hat just in case I’d go so fast I’d lose my first one;
  • and I wouldn’t bring much.

Jayme’s food for the trip:

  • Reese’s Pieces (but those might melt);
  • and five apples, because they have some water in them and they’re something to eat (and my horse would like apples).

The people Jayme is most looking forward to seeing:

  • First of all, Daniel J. Mount…if I get there.
  • Once all my family gets there, I’d want to set up a booth by the Booth Brothers.

Jayme’s message to all 2011 NQC attendees:

“If I make it, I’ll see y’all at NQC.”


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Sam’s idea of getting to NQC was to wear roller blades, attach an umbrella to his back(to keep out the rain and sun), clip a water bottle to his belt with a straw in it for easy drinking, and tie a rope to a passing car and zoom down the highway to Louisville.  We hope he makes it.


Taylor and Leesha-Wagon

Taylor got the bright idea of riding in a wagon to Louisville, but needed someone to pull her.  She tried to convince Leesha, but Leesha wasn’t about to pull her all the way to NQC.  As far as we know, they are still on Quail Street.



Ben decided to borrow Sam’s old tricycle and hit the road.  One minor difficulty is that Ben is 6’3″, and three times bigger than the tricycle.  We hope the tricycle survives.



Well, there you have our creative and cheap ways to travel to Louisville, Kentucky to attend the 2011 National Quartet Convention.  Suffice it to say, we actually will not be attending this year, as we doubt any of the modes of transportation will safely and effectively make the 766 mile trip.  Enjoy your time at NQC for all of us!

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    Daniel’s “Creative Way to Get to NQC”

    (Click on the link to see the picture.)

    Daniel J. Mount felt sorry for the Garms Family and decided to help them out. Daniel drove the Garms Family’s “Glory Bus” to where the kids were stranded. Most of the family were happy to ride, but Dad and Mom decided to drive along behind the bus…and Ben was determined to see if the tricycle would actually transport him the entire 766 miles to Louisville.


    We were inspired byDavid Bruce Murray’s comment about Daniel J. Mount riding the Kingsmen’s bus, and decided to see if we could creatively incorporate him (with the help of Photoshop) into a bus picture. Knowing Daniel informed us that he strictly avoided all unnecessary danger, we decided to put him inside a bus instead of on top of one! Being the only bus picture we had was of our own, we added Daniel into a picture which had most of us in it. We then added Ben, Dad and Mom, the wheelbarrow, and the horse to the photo to close off the series.


    • Love it! My first trip to NQC was as a teenager with a group from our small town on a chartered bus. There were a couple of kids and teens and the rest were senior citizens. We had a great time!

      • Stacy,
        Wow! A teenager! Unbelievable! I bet you guys had a GREAT time! 😆 What were some of the groups that were there? Can’t wait till we go there someday as a family! 🙂

        Jayme for TGF

      • Jayme, my favorite was always The Cathedral’s. The Inspirations, Florida Boys, Gold City, Hoppers, Dixie Melody Boys were also big favs at the time. I didn’t mention this, but our dear family friends worked with a local sogo group to fill the bus. We were extremely poor, but they managed to eek out a free ticket for me on the bus. No one ever knew except the people organizing the trip and my family. It was better than a trip to DisneyWorld for me. Truly a dream come true for a poor kid from a tiny town that lived and breathed sogo music! Don’t worry, you will get there one of these days!

      • Oh and I didn’t eat much on the trip b/c I carried such a small amount of cash and wanted to buy a couple of recordings more than I wanted to eat! What great memories! Didn’t need food, there was a water fountain! lol

      • Wow! That is real-life about as amazing as the fictional ones here! Almost a bus stowaway! 🙂

      • Yes Daniel, that story is true! I would have ridden in the luggage area if that was the only option. 🙂 Now as an adult, I still can’t wait for September. Just a few more days!!!!

      • Stacy,

        Wow! That is a lot of groups you saw! I have to ask you, what was your favorite, FAVORITE group? If you had not gone you would have not had all of the fun you had. 😆

        Yes, I think God is calling us to go there one of these years! 😀 Would you please tell me what it is like there? And all of the groups that you saw? I REALLY liked your story, it was very touching. God surely worked through others to bless you! You’ve never forgotten how good God is. 🙂

        Jayme for TGF

      • Hi Jayme. My favorite group of all time is still the Cathedral’s. As for NQC, it is exciting, fun and exhaustive (if you try to do everything like I do). I can sleep once I get back home. You will see for yourself one day!

  2. this series has been great! enjoyed all the pictures so much. LOL

    • Bwarner,
      Thank you for commenting! This has been fun to look at, and to do! 😆 I’m glad you liked them.

      -Jayme for TGF

    • Agree! These are great!

  3. Thanks for all the work you put into these posts. We found them very creative and VERY funny.

    We also like Daniel in the bus!

    • Daniel’s Siblings,
      You are welcome so much! I’m glad we did it! 😆 We’re glad you liked Daniel in the bus! I liked it too; I think it is the best of all! 😀

      For God’s glory,
      Jayme for TGF