Saturday News Roundup #86

Worth Knowing

  • Friday Night Revival has posted the final round poll in the Revival Awards, here.
  • The Mark Trammell Quartet has launched a YouTube channel, here.
  • Song Garden has had the Cavaliers Quartet on a development label for four years. We reviewed an earlier project by this group here. Song Garden sent out a press release last night announcing that the group is moving up to the main Song Garden label, also noting that the group’s sales are ten times larger than when they signed. 

Worth Watching

The Melody Boys were recently featured on In His Presence, a 30-minute Christian TV program. The program can be watched here.

Worth Discussing

It’s Open Thread Saturday! You decide!

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  1. I’ll kick things off. Someone emailed me asking for the link to Chris Allman’s performance of “Hallelujah Square” on his first night back with Greater Vision. Apparently Gerald Wolfe has been mentioning it from stage.

    I can’t find it; does anyone else have the link handy?

    • It’s a private video.

      • Oh! I’m surprised Gerald would talk from stage about a video that people couldn’t find – and that a private video would make the top 5 in Friday Night Revival’s polling.

      • Some people may have confused this video for a first-night performance. It was early, but not the very first night.

      • I’m not seeing any link.

      • Might you be talking about this one?

        Over 20,000 views – I could see where people would be talking about that one! That may not be viral, but at least it’s bacterial! 🙂

      • I put the link in, but it got converted to an embedded video.

      • Weird. WordPress must have “upgraded” without telling me (and here I use “upgraded” in quotations to indicate the sarcastic sense, given the way it’s actually displaying!)

      • Hey guys. I got an e-mail about it too. It was in Myrtle Beach and on a few sites people were complaining about it being so shaky, so I believe the lady took it down very recently.

  2. Hidee Daniel,
    Thanks so much for providing the link to the television program featuring The Melody Boys Quartet! I have enjoyed watching it several times. It gives people the opportunity to see the latest line up of my favorite Quartet. VTN is a wonderful Christian Network based in AR. You are appreciated!

    • Thanks! I hope the traffic doesn’t crash their servers! Their website was going frightfully slow earlier!

  3. Can’t wait to finally hear Gold City’s “Somebody’s Coming.” I wonder how long this album has been a work in progress? Also, their tribute album to Doug…I think that’s been in the works longer. I saw they recorded new vocals for their favorites album.

  4. OK, everyone, I gave up. I’m nearly the only one who likes serif fonts, so back to sans serif it is!

    • You didn’t have to go back to a sans serif font! The serif was looking nice! We aren’t complaining.

      But, if you do decide to stick with this new one, you may want to increase the size slightly.

      I like serif fonts, too (I like about any kind of fonts – except for really disgusting ones); I’m just picky how I use them personally! 🙂

      -Taylor for TGF

      • This would make the third time I’ve bumped the size! But…I suppose I’ll do it, again! You do have a good point!

        I’m glad you weren’t complaining. I do think that most of the people who liked it were in the “not complaining” department, while the people who didn’t like it were vocal on the point. So perhaps the sampling I got via the comments was biased!

      • Sorry about the size thing! It was the first thing I noticed when I stopped by: “Why is the font so small?” 🙂

        As long as the font is readable, then whatever you choose will be great.

        -T for TGF

      • No need to apologize…because you’re right, and I know it!

      • Improved, Daniel, as of 9:11 p.m. (Central time). 🙂

        -T for TGF

      • Cool!