Singing News, September 2011: Tidbits and Intentional Misunderstandings

Back by popular demand- for now, at least. . .

Page 2: Wilburn and Wilburn has a new picture that will delight their dentist.

Page 3: Gold City has released a new CD: A Collection of Hits. The cover has a city skyline background without the Twin Towers. Is this in commemoration of September 11?

Page 20: American Mountain Theater: “All seats reserved. Ticket Prices begin at $13.”

Page 28: Dallas Roger forms the four member Restored Trio: Southern Gospel math!

Page 41-45: Advertising section much improved! Page 54: One of the older “Daniel’s Siblings” commiserates with Jeff Hawes’ Grandma Zola.

Pages 62-64: Happy Birthday Mr. Lister. We hope you have a great celebration!

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  1. Hey, y’all! If you were among the people who didn’t want to see this series canceled, join me here in thanking my siblings for giving a test run at bringing it back!

  2. Okay, I’m joining you. 🙂

  3. Cool!

  4. keep it coming!

  5. Does it say if these are the original recordings or new tracks on the GC collection? I checked their store…looks like a good collection that avoids releasing the typical songs that get placed on collections. I love “A Strong Hand.”

    • It doesn’t say, but these are the previously released versions (not re-records) because I asked the same question of their office manager. On the other hand, they did re-record some of the vocals for the “Collection of Favorites” table project to get something out there with the new line-up.

  6. Hip-hip-hooray! We were gladdened to see the return of “Tidbits and Intentional Misunderstandings”!

    One nice thing about this column is that we get a sneak peek (generally) of the latest Singing News before we all get a chance to look at it. (We have a system: Mom goes through the SN first, and whoever’s month it is gets to read it next; i.e. September is Leesha’s month.)

    Keep it coming, y’all! 🙂


    • Your system sounds a lot like ours!

  7. Thank you all for your comments. We are glad there are people who like this column!

  8. Loved it! Here are some of my additions:

    Page 4: #10 was great!
    Page 12: How can you be a grandfather to your children?
    Page 13: Since when is ‘bility’ a word?
    Page 28: What’s a ‘vechicle’?
    Page 35: Why does Ernie need tickets?
    Page 37: I think the BFA ad is a month late.

    • Great additions! I imagine this will have them saying, “Wish I’d thought of that!” 🙂

    • Great additions! We noticed some of them, but others we hadn’t. Our further comments:

      Pages 4 & 12: Great observations!

      Pages 13 & 28: Be watching the classifieds page for a spellchecker-needed ad.

      Page 35: Maybe Mr. Haase did not set up the website. Perhaps a law enforcement agency did!

      Page 37: We’ve heard that the deadlines to submit material are way in advance of the publication date, so maybe that is why he ad was a month late. Or, maybe the mail was delayed and the ad came in past the deadline and was delayed until the next issue.

  9. On Page 20 you say “All seats reserved.”
    For who?

    • Evidently for the people who already reserved them. There are none available if they are all reserved!