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  1. Daniel. I think Aaron Mccune would be a good fit for that group. By the way, would you consider Jeremy Lile one of the best bass singers today. And also what is his lowest note on a recording?

    • I haven’t gone through every single recording by either, with keyboard in hand, checking for that. Sorry!

  2. “Brandon Barry has left the Old Paths Quartet, to join the Mike LeFevre Quartet”….which would, by default, say that Mike Allen is no longer singing with The Mike Lefevre Quartet…:)

    • Well, yes, but I was told from the start that Mike was there on an interim basis, as long as they needed him, till they could find someone permanent.

      • It’s a good move for Brandon. But to be honest, I still miss Keith Inman. He was great with this group!

  3. Also I am going to see Gold City in Roanoke Va on october 4th. I am so excited. This will be my first time ever seeing Tim Riley. I never thought I would get the chance. Just letting you know

  4. Oops. I meant Oct 7th. Oct 4th is supposedly when their new cd is released

  5. Jason Ch: See you there!

    As far as the LeFevre Quartet goes, they are getting a great young talent. I just hope they get another mainline release out soon.

    Here’s hoping the Old Paths get another good bass singer and keep on their upward climb!

  6. Also I have 9 copies of moment of truth by gold city. I think it was aaron’s best recording and may become a collectors item. Is that crazy

    • Yeah, it’s crazy…but a good crazy, I suppose!

  7. Hi Aaron Swain. I read your blog and reviews all the time. It would be cool to meet you. I’ll be the one buying all the gold city cds. Hope I get to meet you. We are close to the same age. I’m 27. I didn’t know you lived that close either

  8. By the way: Given that the Old Paths and the LeFevre Quartet are the topics of discussion here, please take further Gold City discussion to an open thread. Thanks!

  9. Sorry Daniel. Just get kinda excited. [edit]

    • If you would, please leave the Gold City parts of that comment on an open thread. Thanks!

  10. Wish he would have stayed with Old Paths. I don’t feel it’s a good move for him, considering all the changes Mike is going through.

  11. Re JasonCh: I agree! I think if they can hire Aaron, Chris West, or a bass of that caliber, then they would finally be untouchable by any other group in the business. They would be solid from top to bottom.

  12. Another bass singer that I think would be a good fit except for the fact he is enjoying a solo career would be Keith Plott. he may be a little older than the rest of the group but I could see them being successful with them

  13. Ok Old Paths. If you’re reading this. Get one of the following bass singers and the entire group will be one of the best in the business: Keith Plott, Aaron Mccune, David Hester, or Christian Davis

  14. Jason: We read it! lol. We are working hard on talking to some premier bass vocalist who are interested in the position. we talked to Keith and David, they both would have been interested, but they both have a good distance to travel to us, and they are enjoying being dedicated to their families. But do pray that the one gentleman we are talking to is the one the Lord has for this ministry! I think you will be surprised!

    • Tim Duncan??? 🙂

  15. Wow Jeremy. It so cool to be able to talk to one of the best young tenors today. I pray that God will send the best man for the job. I know that yall will sound great

  16. Jason: It’s my honor to be able to speak with you, as well. I’m by far not the best, but I do try to use what the Lord has given me. I’m hoping the gentleman we are speaking with really works out. I’m biting at the chomps to spill the beans on who it is…lol

    • Bill Gaither? 😉

  17. Jeremy, feel free to spill the beans. I won’t tell anyone :). And by the way, if you have any trouble finding a bass I think you could handle that voice part too. I’ve seen the video 🙂

    • Thanks, Jason! That’s the first time today that I’ve chuckled about this situation!

  18. Jason, true, but tenors are harder to find than a bass! If you enjoy watching tenors singing bass, and vice versa, you should look up Mr. Shorty Bradford and Leroy Abernathy on Youtube.

  19. Think Brandon has made a wise decision and I can hardly wait to hear him with Mike LeFevre Quartet. Hate to see Mike Allen leave but as Daniel has said that he was only there until The Quartet found the man that God wanted in the bass position.

  20. Wow! I just discovered The Old Paths a week ago Sunday at our Church Homecoming at Teays Valley Baptist Church. Amazing harmonies. Brandon Barry is one of the best bass singers I have ever heard. He will go far. GOD Bless The Old Paths and Mike LeFevre Quartet.

  21. Brandon had a great run with TOP and is looking forward to what God has in store for him now with the MLQ. His family wishes BOTH groups God’s best! We are both proud of and excited for Brandon and know he made a wise and long prayed about decision. We are also very confident that TOP will find a great bass singer and that both groups will be a success as long as God is honored and glorified through it all.

  22. Jeremy, you are definitely one of the best in the business!! I am looking forward to hearing you guys with your new bass singer! I know that God will send you the right guy!! We love you guys!

    • We enjoyed you Friday night at Faith Baptist Church in Vero Beach, Fl.
      You did a great job filling in for one of the members that got sick.
      Keep up the great work in spreading the word of God and blessing
      others with singing and piano playing. All of you were great.