Howard Hayes placed in hospice care

Hayes Family patriarch and bass singer Howard Hayes has been battling cancer. This weekend, he was hospitalized, and the doctors determined that the cancer was overtaking attempts at chemotherapy. He has been moved to hospice care. Hayes Family acquaintances on Facebook request prayers for the family, as it appears that his passing is imminent.

He had continued to tour with the family through about a week ago, though he was feeling so sick that he was only able to sing for a song or two. (On top of everything else, a bus breakdown left the family and the bus stranded for days!)

UPDATE, 9/6/2011 (9:54 PM): Howard Hayes has passed away.

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  1. Very sorry to hear this. I’ve always been a big Hayes Family fan.

  2. I just saw the Hayes Family at the Brumley sing this past August, and Howard was not well that night. He sang from a wheelchair in what has to be one of the most moving moments I’ve seen at a concert in a long time. The family, despite their obvious emotions, courageously delivered a flawless performance, in the midst of tears and sadness over their father’s dire situation. And in turn, the audience truly loved on them that evening, both by the audience response to their stage set and by the 2-3 hours the fans stayed at the group’s product table. The outpouring of our gospel music family that evening made me so proud to love this music and be a part of it.

    The elegance and sincerity this family displays every time they step on stage is a tribute to Howard and Lucy Hayes. This family is a wonderful example to the rest of the gospel community, and it is my hope and prayer that they are covered in peace the next few weeks. My prayers are with this truly fine man of God and his family.

    • Barbara, you said it well. I have been an admirer of this family and have appreciated their dedication and their music gifts over the years. Howard and Lucy have placed a great love for Him and His music in the lives of their children. I will be in prayer for Howard and for the family during these days of trials. May His peace guide and direct the family.

  3. I had the Hayes Family at my church several times and they are ‘the real deal’! My heart aches for them, but will be praying until He sees fit to take Howard home…..

  4. Howard has gone home to be with the Lord.

    • I have word to that effect, but no confirmation to date. Who did you hear from?

      • Sorry, I left after posting. I didn’t expect to see you on.

      • No problem. I found multiple other sources confirming it.