Concert Review: Daniel’s Siblings catch the Mark Trammell Quartet (Green, OH)

Today (September 11, 2011), Daniel’s Siblings traveled 1 hour 20 minutes to Temple Baptist Church in Green, Ohio to hear the Mark Trammell Quartet.  The Temple Baptist Church was celebrating their 44th Anniversary.  Singing groups associated with the church opened the concert and sang just after the offering.

The Mark Trammell Quartet Concert:
Song list & comments:
  • Plan of Salvation. They kicked the concert off to a good start with several songs from the past.
  • Hallelujah, I’m Going Home. This featured the amazing tenor voice of Joel Wood.
  • An Old Convention Song.  The first song of the night about other songs. 
  • Hide Thou Me. 
  • Echoes from the Burning Bush. This song featured slower, quieter lines towards the end, and then they built it back up to a powerful ending.
  • Wedding Music. Dustin Sweatman had been playing keyboards and Mark Trammell had been playing the bass guitar for the first 5 1/2 songs, at which point they started using their soundtracks. They clearly do not need soundtracks to sound great; they sound superb both with or without them.
  • Testimony featured Dustin Sweatman who seems to do a great job at anything he attempts. They had a pleasant tenor and lead duet for a line in the second verse.

Next, they introduced all the group members except for the ever-dignified Mark Trammell (who has been at the church numerous times since the first time 29-30 years before, consequently he needed no further introduction.) 

  • How Long Has It Been.  
  • One Drop. Dustin Sweatman wrote this song and sings it well. It was well-placed between two ballads.
  • It’s Almost Over. The MTQ delivered a very strong rendition and received the first full standing ovation of the afternoon. We did find it funny that they sang this song right before the offering.
  • After the offering, they sang The Sweetest Song I Know. (The second song of the night about other songs). It was a enjoyable up-tempo song.
  • I Want to Know. Note: the placement of this song is properly after the offering 🙂 The “notably handsome Pat Barker”  did a stellar job on this song, and there was a partial standing ovation. (How did we do, Mr. Barker?)
  • Carol of the Bells. Mark Trammell introduced this song by saying that the others had recently been playing a game of “stump the baritone,” pulling out old songs, so he would do it to them. He whispered something to Dustin Sweatman who made a funny face. Then they started the track to this song. It was fun to hear Christmas music out of season.
  • Beautiful Star of Bethlehem, identified as a Bluegrass song.
  • O Holy Night. Mark Trammell again demonstrated his amazing range in this wonderful Christmas song, and the audience responded with a prolonged standing ovation.
  • In closing, Mr. Trammell asked the veterans and currently serving military personnel to stand. After alluding to the terrorist attacks 10 years ago, he led into a stirring rendition of Statue of Liberty. This song received a prolonged standing ovation. Thank you, Mr. Enloe, for writing this song. It was fitting for the occasion, and we are sure many people sang it today.
  • During the altar call, the MTQ sang There’s Just Something About That Name.
Our highlights:
  • The Double Hand Some Pat Barker

    The Double Hand Some Pat Barker

    We enjoyed getting to hear tenor Joel Wood once more before he goes off the road. We have grown to enjoy his singing, but are glad he will be able to be with his family more.  And Mr. Trammell said Mr. Wood had 5 sons.  We think that is an excellent start to a Southern Gospel Quartet. Maybe God will grant them a girl. (After all, wouldn’t it be nice for Mrs. Wood to have extra help cooking for all the boys?)
  • Pat Barker made a point of informing us that he was handsome, so we have photographed evidence. Although he informed us that he wouldn’t have driven 1 hour 20 minutes to hear his singing, it would have strained our ears to listen from this far away, so we certainly found it worthwhile to drive the distance to hear him up close.  He remains one of our favorite basses. We especially liked his Christmas Bell “dong.”
  • We enjoyed hearing the Christmas music.  Most SG groups don’t come to Ohio when there is snow on the ground, so we appreciated this early Christmas gift.
  • Favorite Songs: A contested three-way tie between Statue of Liberty, It’s Almost Over, and O Holy Night.

Photo Gallery:

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  1. Very interesting review! A few thoughts:

    . They’ve never recorded Plan of Salvation, and I’ve never heard that they’ve sung it in concert. Talk about pulling one out of the hat!
    . The Christmas music is interesting. Wonder if they were “rehearsing” for the Christmas program at NQC coming up.
    . I see that Pat has made it a habit to try to influence what bloggers say about him. Pat, we all know you’re the best at bass singin’ in the business, and if we thought you were good-looking, we would say it without you asking us to. 🙂

    • I’ve actually seen them do “Plan of Salvation” before:

      Maybe they only do it for Ohio audiences, and maybe that’s why Ohio audiences love them so much! If voting were just up to Ohio subscribers to the Singing News, they might just be carrying off “Quartet of the Year” honors. It helps that they do dates in Ohio more often than many others (like the Kingdom Heirs, who virtually never reach the northern half of Ohio, even if they might reach the southern half on occasion.)