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  1. Might be kinda hard to make a debut when Gold City isn’t on the schedule Thursday… 🙂 Maybe he will sing Friday, and will just be at the booth on Thursday? After listening to the clips of him sing I am decently impressed by his ability, he will bring a fuller sound to the lead position ala Bruce…

    • Thanks! It’s about 2 AM, and I must have mis-read Brandon’s post. I edited the post to be vague.

      • I understand that!

  2. I like his voice!

  3. Seeing as GC already had a replacement for West, I’m wondering if he’ll be on the new album? Maybe they have recorded some of his vocals already.

    • I believe that Craig will be on the new album.

      • From the info I was given at GC’s booth or “from the horse’s mouth” Yes the album will be released as planned with Craig West.

  4. Jerry does have a great voice. I think he and Danny will blend very well together. Going to be an interesting change. I had never heard of this guy before. Of course I did not really know Craig or Bruce either. I did not figure they would go after someone that had already established a name for themselves. It would be great if Jerry could stay with them for years and really come into his own. Praying for great success to all of Gold City!

    • Jerry (a.k.a. Punkin) has been in and around Southern Gospel for a good while. He sang with Ronald Martin & The Rolands for a while and then had his own group known as “The Pelfreys”. Our Church loved “The Pelfreys”. They had a big, full sound and feature Classic Southern Gospel as well as Cutting-Edge Southern Gospel. I am proud to see that God has fulfilled a dream in his life!

  5. Where can someone hear Jerry Pelfrey?

    • Hey Paul. If you will click on the link that Daniel has where Coomer Cove “has confirmed”. Just click on “has confirmed” and it will take you to his blog and there are two songs on there.

      • Oh ok…I must have missed the songs there. Thanks.