National Quartet Convention 2011: Photo Gallery

The 2011 National Quartet Convention has concluded. We survived the crazy hours and are gearing up to plunge into a busy week of regular life. But first, here are a few photo highlights:

(click on any photo to enlarge; then use left and right arrows on keyboard to flip through gallery)


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  1. ‘Looking for a Tenor’ was one of my fav moments.

    • Any chance somebody got a video?

      • NQC does not permit videos taken in Freedom Hall to be posted / remain posted, so people couldn’t post videos even if they got them.

  2. Did any one in Freedom Hall catch the “Straw POLE” misspelling?? lol. I am invisioning a giant pole made out of straw.

    • I was there, and did you see the picture I took? 🙂

    • So funny! I was there and didn’t even notice that.

    • I think it’s ‘envisioning’.:-))

  3. should straw pole be spelled “poll”

    • sorry just saw other post.

  4. At one point, the Crist Family was listed as the Christ Family. LOL

    • I saw that, and I don’t think that was the first time, either. There were one or two other notably funny ones through the week, but I can’t remember them at this late hour.

  5. For those of us who have attended many NQC events, this one has to be on the lower scale of quality and quantity. By ending at 11:00 and using 4 showcase winners each night, plus the plugs for Compassion, the NQC saved having to pay for at least 33 appearances. I heard many long time attendees complaining about the diminshed quality, and reduced number of quartets. They are right. Many longtime quartets were left out entirely. How could they do the Rambo thing for two nights and leave out groups such as “Southern Sound, Dixie Melody Boys, and Melody Boys, three traditional Southern groups. I have attended 24 of these events, and this one ranks close to the bottom.

  6. Glad Someone missed us Blackstone….

  7. Did you make note that The Mystery Men are no more? That they have become MARK209! That announcement was made at NQC this year.

    • Yes, I knew that – actually, a little before NQC, I think.