Video: A Choreography Lesson with Ernie Haase

Have you ever tried to emulate Ernie Haase and Signature Sound’s choreography?  Sam (11), Jayme (9), and Caleb (8) Garms have often been seen around the Garms home practicing EHSS choreography moves after watching movies such as “Get Away Jordan”.  

On September 8th, 2011, the Garms Family attended a Signature Sound concert in Cedar Falls, Iowa, and the Lil’ Adventurers (the LAs) had the opportunity to talk with Ernie Haase about the group’s choreography…and even learn a few of the moves!

Here is a photo gallery:

We very much appreciate and thank Ernie for his time and his graciousness to share so candidly with three lil’ adventurers (who were so nervous they could hardly speak, let alone move! 🙂 ).

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The LAs: “Hey! This is Sam, Jayme, and Caleb Garms reporting for Southern Gospel Blog.”

Jayme: “We are at Cedar Falls, Iowa.”

Sam: “And joining us is Mr. Ernie Haase of the Signature Sound Quartet.”

Ernie Haase: [claps] “Hey guys!”

Caleb: “Thank you for taking the time to talk with us tonight, Mr. Haase.”

Ernie: “Oh, it is my pleasure! And I’ve gotta say, I’ve not seen such beautiful kids in such beautiful clothes in a long time. And you got it right; I got it wrong: I got regular shoes on – they’ve got cowboy boots! Ah, that’s it! You guys got it!”

[Laughter and clapping]

Jayme: “Now, one of the very first things that we noticed about Signature Sound were your dance moves.”

Sam: “We’ve seen people from one years old to Bill Gaither trying to imitate your choreography.”

Caleb: “We ourselves have had a lot of fun trying to copy your moves.”

Jayme: “Mr. Haase, could you tell us how Signature Sound’s choreography started?”

Ernie: “I can tell you. It was actually accidental. One night on stage – our motto has always been: “Do what you feel in your heart, and nothing more, but nothing less.” And sometimes, especially in the Christian church, you feel like doing more, but you don’t; you do less because you don’t want to offend whoever’s out there. And one night – I don’t know what happened – but we just kind of got…Doug and I just kind of started feeling this thing [demonstrates “Stand by Me” move] just kind of started feeling it. And I’m like, ‘Should we do this? Should we do this?’ And then I started remembering what George [Younce], my father-in-law told me, “Nothing more, but nothing less; do whatever’s on your heart. And that is what God is wanting you to do.” So we just kind of went with it on, ah, I think it was on “Stand by Me” at the time. And so, that’s how it started. The crowd actually loved it. And along the way, every night, we may get one or two people who say they don’t like it, but I think we’ve gained more people than we’ve lost by having fun. So that’s just how it happened. Good question!”

Jayme: “Wow, thank you!”

Sam: “Does it take a long time for new group members to learn the choreography?”

Ernie: “It does. And the good thing about it is that we don’t claim to be expert dancers. I don’t consider myself a dancer, I just feel things, so we go with it. When anybody comes to the group as a new member, like Ian and Devin…believe it or not, they’ve watched our videos more than we’ve watched our videos. So, they’re probably like you, they probably – you will probably tell me what I’ve done wrong tonight cause you’ve probably watched our videos as much as I have. So, the good thing is that God has sent some guys our way that not only can sing, but love what they do and they’ve done their homework. It should be hard for them, but it’s not.”

Caleb: “Thank you for answering our questions. Now would you teach us a real Signature Sound move?”

Ernie: “A real Signature Sound move? That’d be awesome – yeah! So let’s start with the one I was showing you.”

[Ernie demonstrates the “Stand By Me” move.]

Ernie: “So you just don’t point; you roll point. See what I’m saying? Just a simple little move, but it’s a lot better than… [Ernie lamely points]. So it just gives rhythm, it gives life to it.”

[Ernie and the LAs try the move.]

Ernie: “That’s it! That’s just one! So you take all these little tiny things and put it in a song. And then, the harder one is this: can you do…Shuffle, ball, chain, pop; shuffle, ball, chain, pop; shuffle, ball, chain, pop; shuffle, ball, chain, pop. [Ernie demonstrates the move.] Can you do that? So it’s like: one, two, three, move; one, two, three, move. It’s like running in place.”

[Ernie teaches the LAs the move and they do it together.]

Ernie: “So in the course of a song, you don’t do it for the whole song, but you get these little moves you do – and of course, the ‘Get Away Jordan’. [As Ernie demonstrates, the LAs get excited, as this is their favorite EHSS move.] Want to do that one? It’s just sliding across the stage. So you’re not doing sideways, you’re not doing frontways, you’re doing like 45 degrees. [Ernie starts the move and the LAs follow.] And you kind of slide it. And don’t take so big of steps. It’s just real easy.  [Ernie demonstrates.] You got to move your shoulders to it. [They all do the move together, and Sam crashes into Ernie – “Oops!” – and laughter follows.] You guys are getting it though!”

Ernie: “So that’s how we do it: just find little things. There’s so many little hand moves and sidesteps and stuff that we do. And we’re always looking for little things to add to our show, for the purpose – and here’s what you need to know, especially young artists like yourselves – God created everything, so entertainment is a vehicle for us to be…to find favor with people, so we can sing eternal truths to them; so we use entertainment not only to make people happy, but to open their heart…same way you use laughter, to open their hearts and their ears, so you can tell them about the love of God.”

The LAs: “This is Sam, Jayme, and Caleb Garms reporting for Southern Gospel Blog.”

Caleb: “Dot – com!”

Ernie: [sings] “Dot – com!”

[Laughter and Ernie shakes hands with the LAs.]

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  1. The LAs did great! Ernie is a true class act. Enjoyed the video! Thanks for taking the time to do it!

    • Dear J.C,

      Thank you very much! We’re glad that Ernie took the time to talk with us that night. 🙂

      -The LAs

    • Comment

  2. Very cute. Cute as can be!

    • Ahhhh…thanks Source of Power! We know Ernie’s “cute”!

      Wait, were you talking about us? 🙂

      -The LAs

      • 😀

  3. Great job!

    • Daniel’s Siblings,

      Thank you very much! We enjoyed doing this. 🙂

      -The LAs

  4. I LOVED the jingle!

    Ernie is always so great with kids. The thing I appreciated most was when Ernie shared his reason WHY they do it. The entertainment vs ministry debate has always been somewhat of a controversy, especially with EHSS. I’m glad Ernie took his time to share his heart on the subject.

    • Hi Josh,

      The jingle was Ben’s master-mind…we’re glad you like it!

      Ernie is a really great guy, and we were very honored to hear the answers to the questions we asked. We hadn’t heard him say those things before.

      He definitely did those moves fast…we could BARELY keep up! 😀

      Thanks, Josh!


  5. That was great. I noticed the kids really enjoyed it, they looked Ernie in the eye and even though the questions were rehearsed, their responses were interesting and really taking it all in. Ernie, you were fantastic. I’m sure God is smiling at you big time for “teaching His little ones” about His love. Great Job!