3:1 DVD Review: 100 Years: A Celebration of Southern Gospel Music

3:1 Reviews offer three highlights of an album and one area that could have been improved.

1. Gold City set: When Brian Free, Ivan Parker, Mike LeFevre, and Tim Riley stepped on stage together for the first time in nineteen years, the atmosphere was electric. And they did not disappoint: They reminded everyone why that lineup of Gold City has been called all-star.

2. The Live Band: This is the way Southern Gospel is supposed to sound. Not only was there a live band, but the live band was in-the-pocket, knew the material, and delivered an all-around solid performance.

3. Groups Appearing: While it would be impossible to assemble an all-star program featuring every classic group with living members, Daywind accomplished more than anyone thought was possible. If you were stranded on a tropical island and could only take one DVD with you, this is the one.

:1. One thing I would change: Interlacing: The video was recorded with a professional camera and lighting crew, and looks excellent. But it would look even better if it wasn’t interlaced. (There were also a few audience shots where the aspect ratio was incorrect, but they went by fast enough that it’s a minor quibble.)

DVD Rating: 5 stars.

Cinematography: 4 stars. Average song rating: 4.5 stars.


Producer: Norman Holland. •  Review copy provided.  • Song list: This Great Caravan (New Gospel Singing Caravan); I Found a Hiding Place (New Gospel Singing Caravan); The King of Who I Am (Lulu Roman); Medley: Things Are Gonna Get Better / When I Lift Up My Head / New Shoes / Mama’s Teaching Angels How to Sing / Holy Hills of Heaven / Sheltered in the Arms of God / Remind Me Dear Lord / Too Much to Gain to Lose / He Looked Beyond My Fault (Rambos), Medley: Tears Will Never Stain / Things Are Gonna Get Better (Rambos); O For a Thousand Tongues (Nelons), We Shall Wear a Robe and Crown (Nelons); Operator (Downings); Greater is He that is In Me (Downings); I’m So Glad He Found Me (Hinsons); He Can (Hinsons); Lighthouse (Hinsons); When I Get Carried Away (Gold City); I Think I’ll Read it Again (Gold City); Midnight Cry (Gold City); Keep on the Sunny Side (Lewis Family); Something About That Name (Cathedrals Tribute); Champion of Love (Cathedrals Tribute); Home (Singing Americans); I Bowed On My Knees & Cried Holy (Singing Americans).

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  1. I got that at NQC. I have watched a few segments on it and enjoyed it.

  2. C’mon man! Gold City was great, but it really got electric when the Singing Americans got on stage. They even saved them for last. Not worthy of a mention?

    • I did mention them, just not in the top 3. 🙂

      I simply thought that live bands was a stronger point to highlight; this wouldn’t have been half as good if everyone was doing it with tracks.

      Back to the Singing Americans: There were two other big reasons I didn’t put them in the top three. First, despite some audio fixes which hid a few of these, some of Rick Strickland’s voice struggles did make it through. Second, English was also out of peak voice. If he had completed “I Bowed on my Knees,” then maybe it would have been top three. But his vocal struggles up to that point, and then the transition to Clayton, were jarring/disconcerting enough that it simply wasn’t as landmark a moment as if they had done it this year, once English had his voice back.

      • Just giving you a hard time man. I think what was all the more interesting about it is Rick didn’t sound great, Michael had surgery, Ed Hill is very, very old, and Dwayne Burke hadn’t sung full-time in more than 15-20 years. To me, that’s what what made it so special. But I can’t give too much away…

      • Well, that made it interesting indeed; I’ll grant you that. 🙂

      • I also wondered if they fixed some of Gold City too. Parker at least sounded better than I remember on the clips I heard online. I mean, neither Gold City or Singing Americans sounded like they did in their prime (as groups), but that isn’t feasible.

  3. It’s nice you were able to provide a full list of the songs on this DVD, which is more than any other site has managed to do thus far.

    • I agree, David. The list I posted on my blog was from Daywind’s website. I posted what I saw the day the dvd was added on the site.

      • Yeah, I ran into a similar issue when I posted the track listing for the new Gaither Homecoming DVDs. EMI distribution had left off some of the song titles..

  4. I watched the tape last night and going from memory I don’t think that is the full song list. There is no listing of any songs by the Speers. I believe Nelons did a couple of songs before the ones listed. Unless I am imagining it, I think the Singing Americans also sang Glory Road. But the list you have is the exact one on the DVD. Surprised Daywind would be so careless after the effort it put into creating this event.

    • Yeah, the Nelons did “We Shall Wear A Robe and Crown”, “Come Morning” and “O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing” (not that order) and Singing Americans DID do “Glory Road” and the Speers sang (I didn’t listen, but did catch part of “I Never Shall Forget The Day” was on there at least.

      • The Nelons sang “The Sun’s Coming Up” not “Come Morning” followed by “Bring My Children Home” ,”Oh For a Thousand Tongues” and then “We Shall Wear a Robe and Crown”

      • Jeff, I wondered if I didn’t miss the first one. I meant to note that I wasn’t 100% sure on that one. I skipped that one, but thought I recognized it briefly. Thanks for correcting it.

      • sure you are welcome. This dvd is a keep sake.

    • Norm,
      That’s what I meant with my comment…Daniel posted the complete list of songs included on the DVD…not the original event.

      • David, the songs I mentioned (except the title I got wrong) as well as maybe other Speers stuff WAS on the DVD I got. I am unaware of what was at the original event. So, the DVD is only a partial list yet it doesn’t indicate that.

  5. David. The songs and groups I mentioned are on the DVD. I wasn’t at the original event so don’t know what was cut from that.

  6. Were is the DVD available?