CD Review: Journey (Libbi Perry Stuffle)

Journey (Libbi Perry Stuffle)

For years, Libbi Perry Stuffle has resisted suggestions from friends to do a solo album. This summer, she finally gave in, recording Journey

It’s part compilation, part new recording, and part hybrid. She recorded “March Around the Throne” with the Perrys in the mid-90s; this rendition has the same track, but new background vocals from Jeff and Sheri Easter. The new cuts also include a pair of classics, “Jesus, Hold My Hand” (with guest vocals from Dailey & Vincent) and “Now I Have Everything” (with guest vocals from Gerald Wolfe and Mark Trammell). The latter pair is the same pair that, joined Tracy and Libbi Stuffle to bring down the house with “God Walks the Dark Hills” at the Daywind Remembering the Greats NQC showcase and DVD/CD several years ago.

“Daddy Sang Bass / Reunited” is an emotional high point of the project. An audio clip of children singing “Daddy Sang Bass” starts the track. One assumes that would be the Perrys as children, since the notes refer to the fact that it’s the second song they ever sung together, but the liner notes don’t credit the clip. Her brother Randy and sister Debra return for the autobiographical new song, “Reunited,” penned for Libbi by Joseph Habedank, Matthew Holt, and Wayne Haun.

Wayne Haun contributed more than songs and song production; he also joined Bryan Walker for guest vocals on “I’m Not a Failure,” a new song written by Joseph Habedank and Matthew Holt.

To nobody’s surprise, the project’s climax is a Kyla Rowland song. Say that the Perrys sing her style or say that she writes the Perrys’ style, but either way, it’s a perfect match. The trio Sisters provides guest vocals; their tight, sweet harmonies provide the perfect contrast to Libbi’s power alto for this relaxing and encouraging album closer.

The album is hard to rate. How does one rate a hybrid? Suffice it to say this: If you like the Perrys’ style, as most of you do, this album is a must-add to your collection.

Traditional or Progressive


Radio Single Picks

“The Broken Heart Sings the Sweetest Song” stands head-and-shoulders above the other new songs as a natural radio single pick.


Producer: Wayne Haun. • Review copy provided.  • Song list: March Around the Throne (with Jeff and Sheri Easter); Now I Have Everything (with Mark Trammell and Gerald Wolfe); Still Blessed; Daddy Sang Bass / Reunited (with Randy Perry and Debra Perry Reed); God Walks the Dark Hills; Jesus Hold My Hand (with Dailey & Vincent); I’m Not a Failure (with Wayne Haun and Bryan Walker); Did I Mention; Holy Hills of Heaven; Mountaintop for Me; His Grace Will Lead Me Home; The Broken Heart Sings the Sweetest Song (with Sisters).

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  1. I’ve been veryexcited about grabbing this album. Great review, Daniel.

    Is it available for purchase yet?

  2. Is “Now I Have Everything” an old song that goes, “I have everything I need to make me happy, for I have Jesus to show me the way”? If so I have to get it! I have an amateur tape of an evangelist singing that and absolutely love the song. Those three vocalists singing it… Wow!

  3. Just got it! I had no idea this song was recorded professionally!

    • Actually, quite a few people have done it through the years.

  4. Wonderful!!! She is the greatest…I do need some help though, speaking of the Perry’ you have the words to the 1993 release “brand new experience”? I cannot find it anywhere. God Bless…

  5. Daniel, have you ever heard of a group singing a song that goes “He’ll be to you what you need him to, a ???, a saviour, or just a friend”? I’ve heard evangelists singing it and Amy’s comment reminded me to ask.

    • That’s not ringing a bell presently.

    • Hey Luke, That song is Called “He’ll Be To You” and It was recorded by the Kingsmen Quartet on their “Your Ride’s On The Way” project 1982 Heartwarming Records. Chorus: He’ll be to you Jus what you want Him to, Hell be your Savior, a comfort, or just a friend. He’ll be your help in time of trouble, if your down He’ll set you free. He’ll be to you what you want Him to be.
      1st song on 2nd side

      • Nicholas, thanks for tracking that down!

  6. Can you check the writing credits on a song for me? CCLI lists “I’m Not A Failure” as being a collaboration with Habedank and Rodney Griffin, not Matthew Holt. CCLI could be wrong…just curious.

    • David, I don’t have the credits available, but I note that BMI says the same thing – that it’s Habedank/Griffin.

  7. The clip of ‘The Perry Children” (as they used to be billed) singing “Daddy Sang Bass”was pulled from a mid-70s LP recording entitled “I Won’t Walk Without Jesus”. It was recorded in Cleveland, TN on the Majestic label.

  8. That is definitely Randy & Deborah on the “Daddy Sang Bass/Reunited” song. Made me cry, I remember them singing that!