3:1 CD Review: Turn to the Cross (Sanctuary Quartet)

Turn to the Cross (Sanctuary Quartet)3:1 Reviews offer three highlights of an album and one area that could have been improved.

1. Song Selection: Songwriters typically send their best songs to top-tier groups. But not all of these songs go to radio. So an up-and-coming group looking for great songs could hardly do better than going to top-tier groups’ recordings from five or more years ago. There are plenty of songs never sent to radio which deserve another cut. This is exactly what Sanctuary Quartet did. Yes, a few songs were radio singles (“Damascus Road,” “If You Only Knew”), but most are forgotten gems like “Love is the Key” or “Every Question Will Be Answered.”

2. Production Quality: Tim Parton played piano and led the tracking session. Scott Howard and Mark Trammell co-produced the project. Need I say more?

3. “Every Question Will Be Answered”: Sanctuary Quartet seems to be at its best with uptempo convention songs. This song, written by Rodney Griffin and Chris Binion and originally recorded by the Perrys, is the album’s standout track.

:1. One thing I would change: “Jesus Loves Me”: It seemed out of place with its surrounding songs.

Traditional or Progressive: Fairly traditional.

Song Selection Creativity Meter: 100% In place of radio single picks and an album rating, table projects featured in a 3:1 review are measured by a different metric—what percent of the songs on the album are pulled from outside of the 200 Most Frequently Recorded Southern Gospel songs.

Credits: Producers: Scott Howard, Mark Trammell. • Group members: None credited. • Review copy provided.

Song list: Roll Back Old Jordan; He Sought Me Again; Damascus Road; God Knows; Turn to the Cross; Jesus Loves Me; Love is the Key; If You Only Knew; Every Question Will Be Answered; Product of Love.


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  1. I’m good friends with these guys; they’re from my hometown.

    Group members are Stephen Young, tenor; Troy Richards, lead; Jimmy Strong, baritone; Ricky Singley, bass.