3:1 CD Review: Steve Ladd (Steve Ladd)

3:1 Reviews offer three highlights of an album and one area that could have been improved.

1. Vocal Performance: Steve Ladd’s voice is more versatile than most. With Gold City, he was able to pull off everything from “When He Blessed My Soul” to “Preach the Word” to “When Jesus Saves.” This enables him to pull off the project’s progressive arrangements.

2. Production Quality: This isn’t a cheap, quickly assembled table project. Care and attention is evident in the song selection and arrangements.

3. “A Love that Wouldn’t Die”: After the first nine songs, Dianne Wilkinson’s name is about the last you would expect to pop up in the credits for the closing tenth track. Yet this quartet song, previously recorded by Integrity/Triumphant Quartet, morphs with with surprising ease into a progressive Southern Gospel song in Ladd’s hands.

:1. One thing I would change: Style: This isn’t the “About the Cross” or the “Preach the Word” Steve Ladd. It’s the “When Jesus Saves” Steve Ladd.

Traditional or Progressive: Very Progressive. (Using Brian Free & Assurance as a benchmark for progressive Southern Gospel, this goes farther.)

Radio Single Picks: “A Love that Wouldn’t Die.”

Credits: Producer: Paul and Tré Corley and Steve Ladd. • Review copy provided. • Song list: Good to Me; Something Different; My Petition; Ready For the Ride; This is the Day; I’ll Walk On; When Jesus Saves; My Offering; Speechless; A Love That Wouldn’t Die.


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  1. But I liked “When Jesus Saves”. Ok here’s my question how is this genre ever going to keep going forward if we stay stuck in the past with all the old songs, old arrangements ect? I’m glad someone it trying to progress. I’ll admit, some of the songs are a little poppy at times, but hey, the younger folks like it. I’ve used this album, which I feel has that Rascal Flats kinda thing going for it, to introduce new people to Southern Gospel. Anyhow, not that you asked but that’s my opinion.

    I did find it interesting that you picked “A Love That Wouldn’t Die” as the radio single, because I did too. I’m hoping Steve will release that one before this project goes away as I feel, given its the most Southern track on the album I feel he’d generate more sales with a more peppy, upbeat song than the ones he’s released in “My Petition” and “This Is The Day”.