Saturday News Roundup #88

Worth Knowing

  • Singing News Fan Awards: The ceremony next Wednesday will be streamed on Tickets to the live show at Dollywood are sold out.
  • SGMA: Jeff Stice has been elected the new President of the Southern Gospel Music Association, replacing outgoing president Karen Peck Gooch. Earl Eleton is the new Vice-President; Arthur Rice is the new Secretary; Jimmy Blackwood is the new treasurer.
  • New Blog: Luke F. has lauched
  • Perrys: Siblings and original Perrys members Randy Perry, Libbi Perry Stuffle, and Debra Perry Reed will reunite for a concert at Dahlonega, Georgia’s Gold Rush Days / Gospel Gold Jubilee on October 15.

Worth Watching posted a 41-minute interview with Wes Hampton about his new CD.

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. Daniel, since it is open thread Saturday – I know every Southern Gospel Group needs to be different and noticed so they can continue to exist – but have they and we put too much emphasis on us ? We want to glorify God, and somehow it seems we are glorifying ourselves by the way we can harmonize, hit the high notes, hit the low notes, etc. I guess it is a fine line between glorifying ourselves and glorifying God ! Just a thought.

    • Interesting thought. It makes me think about two very lovely ladies at my church. They love to glorify God by singing specials. Are they praising God through song? Absolutly. Do I enjoy listining to them? Sure. Whould I want to pay to hear them sing a full concert. Absolutely not. I’m not trying to be mean, but their vocal ability and delivery are not at the top of the spectrum.
      I personally don’t see anything wrong with perfecting your craft…harmonies, arrangements, delivery,…
      Like I said Interesting thought.

  2. Pumped about this Perrys deal. Wonder if it’ll just be for the one song or if they’ll squeeze out some classic Perrys stuff. I’m hoping for “Get Thee Behind Me Satan”

  3. There’s something wrong with the Wes Hampton link.

  4. Just curious about the Perry’s reunion: Does Debra Perry Reed sing in the higher register?

    • Yes, Jordan, she sings a harmonic soprano. Her vocals are now a strong contralto.

      No harm toward her, but the Perrys sound thickened and strengthened when Denise Helton joined after Debra left. Debra was more of a “lead” soprano, but her talent in that vocal style wasn’t used as much.

      On a side point, I would love to see a Perrys Reunion. Oh, to hear Nicole Watts & Mike Bowling with Tracy & Libbi again! 🙂

      • I would love to see Denise Helton return to the Perrys. Does anyone know what she is doing these days?

      • I love what they have going right now with Joseph and Bryan. I’d hate to see either leave!

      • Agreed. Their sets at NQC were strong, fun and wonderful all around. I really like both of those guys.

        I thought it was classy that they didn’t use the American Idol plug also. It was so interesting to watch unfold on tv and would be interesting to hear in concert, but their time was so limited at NQC and I love how they invested it. Even the birthday wish to the little boy that is a fan. They are a class act!

      • Ed, she lives in East TN and performs around town with her sister, Cindy (?). According to Libbi, she has the same range & power today.

      • Was Tracy a member of the ensemble when Debra was still around, or did he come onboard after Denise was hired?

      • Jordan, Tracy joined in October ’85, and Debra left the group in January 1988.

  5. Stacy

    They did use the American Idol plug at NQC setting up “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” as they do in most concerts as well.

    • Oh, I must have missed that night. I couldn’t be there the entire week. They are still a classy group!

  6. Stacy,

    Still my favorite group as well..

    • Me too! I remember going to see them at a tiny country church years ago and there were probably 30-40 people in attendance. Now just look at them! So proud for them to share God’s joy with so many people now. I love the current group and hope they stay with the Perry’s for years to come.