Jack Laws has heart attack; prepares for open heart surgery

Troy Burns, a fellow member of Archie Watkins & Smoky Mountain Reunion, posted on Facebook that baritone Jack Laws has been hospitalized with two leaking heart valves, and is facing open heart surgery. The group is requesting prayers for Laws’ recovery.

UPDATE (2:38 PM): Archie Watkins has told Singing News that Laws has had a heart attack, and further testing will be done before deciding on a plan of action.

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  1. One of southern gospel’s classic and distinctive voices…praying for his complete recovery.

  2. He did not look well at NQC this year! I like his voice – praying for a quick recovery.

  3. Dan, he did look like he was struggling at NQC.

    Also read that Naomi Seago had gall bladder surgery. She is really ‘getting up there’ in age. Sure hope they both recover quickly!

    • When he sang on Thursday PM, I noticed how pale he looked, and he just looked like he wasn’t feeling well.

      I really enjoyed that group!

  4. Yes, me too! I like what Archie said about the group not competing with anyone else and that they were just there to share God with people.

    Saturday night at nqc was my fav. I felt like the groups just wrapped up songs like Christmas gifts and gave us their absolute best that night. Such a crazy amount of fun! And the ice cream was good too. 🙂

  5. Praying for “the old Bear Hunter”. Jack has been a good friend for more than thirty years.