Upcoming Southern Gospel CD/DVD Releases, October 2011

This list aims to be inclusive of Daywind, Crossroads, Horizon/Crossroads, Sonlite/Crossroads, Vine/Crossroads, Gaither Music Group/EMI CMG, Stow Town/Provident/Integrity, New Haven/Provident/Integrity, Song Garden, Homeland, The Mansion Entertainment, and major independent group releases where known.

October 2011

  • 10/4: Somebody’s Coming, Gold City (New Haven / Provident/Integrity)
  • 10/11: Brighter One, Marshall Hall (Daywind)
  • 10/11: A Wonderful Life, Legacy Five (Daywind)
  • 10/18: The Song Lives On CD/DVD, Jason Crabb (Gaither Music Group / EMI CMG)

November 2011

  • 11/1: Journey, Libbi Perry Stuffle (Daywind)
  • 11/1: Why Can’t We, The Isaacs (Gaither Music Group / EMI CMG)
  • 11/15: Amen, Down East Boys (Sonlite / Crossroads)
  • 11/15: Hymns: A Classic Collection, Hoppers (Spring Hill / EMI CMG)
Is this list missing anything significant, especially among independent group releases? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I bought the Isaacs’ “Why Can’t We” at Convention. Are what you have listed the official release dates?

  2. Thanks so much for posting these lists. I really enjoy reading them. 🙂

  3. 11/15 The Hoppers Hymns: A Classic Collection (Spring Hill, EMI/CMG)

    • Thanks, Shane! I must have missed that one.

  4. I got the Legacy 5 one and the Libbi Perry one already. Can’t wait for the Gold city one.

  5. The Hopper new hymns release…are they are new songs or were some from their previous hymns project, Joy For the Journey?

    • From the sound clips on the Hoppers YouTube video, it sounds like a mix of old & new. “Down by the Riverside” must be new, but songs like “Until Then” and “Come Thou Fount” do not.

      • ..sound new. :0)

  6. The Kingdom Heirs have a new CD out, “By Request”; it appears to be a table project. It’s available for digital download on their website now.

    It includes a couple songs featuring Jerry Martin (“I Can Pray” & “Look For Me At Jesus’ Feet”).

    • Interesting, and thanks!

      • Bought this CD today and have enjoyed it very much. They re-recorded several of my favorites! “When My Master Walks With Me” is one of the smoothest songs they have ever recorded in my opinion which it was originally on their “Off The Record” album which is my most played album on iTunes.

  7. I just saw on Facebook where Jerry Pelfrey is in the studio working on the new Gold City project. He said it should be out by the end of the month.

    • Today was supposed to be the street date for that album.

      I note that it has disappeared altogether from Provident/Integrity’s list of upcoming New Haven releases. 🙁

      • Right, which was why seeing that post this morning all the more interesting.

        I suppose it makes sense to put the new lead singer (who will most likely get featured pretty prominently, being the lead) on the project rather than have the one who just left.

      • Sorry, should read “which is why seeing that post this morning was all the more interesting.”

      • Well, that’s what we have been saying for the last four or five lineup changes. 🙂 I think that they need some new songs, no matter who is on the CD!

      • This is true!

        I’ll be seeing the group on Friday, and I wonder how many of the tracks for the new project are completed and are being sung in concert now besides “It Won’t Be Long” and “Peter, James, and John.”

        At any rate, I’d expect it to be out late this month or early next month.

      • Here’s hoping! 🙂

        I’ll be watching for that concert review. 🙂

      • And videos!

  8. A couple of weeks or so won’t make much difference for its release, but if it is delayed several months again is quite another.

  9. Was just looking at the Gold City website and it said the new cd Somebodys Coming will be available the first week of November. Also showed first look at the album cover on facebook. CAN’T WAIT!!

  10. Listening to the Jason Crabb project. WOW!

  11. 11/11: Not Without Love, Morgan Easter (I don’t know the label)

    • Thanks for the plug Josh! Morgan’s record is independent.

  12. Anytime! And you can actually preview Morgan’s album here http://tinyurl.com/6ajopde

    • Sounds well done – thanks for the link!

  13. Tim Duncan’s self-titled solo project will release November 1st: http://mnsgfan.wordpress.com/2011/10/19/tim-duncan-launches-website/