3:1 CD Review: Modern Pioneers (Song of David)

Modern Pioneers (Song of David)3:1 Reviews offer three highlights of an album and one area that could have been improved.

1. “Love Comes to Town”: This catchy uptempo song with a modern country twist should play well on Southern Gospel radio. Song of David, despite the group-sounding artist name, is actually the solo ministry of singer/songwriter David Bryan.

2. “The Holy Hills of Heaven”: Yet another cover of the Dottie Rambo classic by an artist you’ve never heard of before? Well, think again. Yes, it is the Dottie Rambo song, and yes, this might be an artist you’ve never heard before, but . . . have you ever heard the song turned into a modern country song, driven by electric guitars? You might love it, you might hate it, but you won’t forget it.

3. “Peace (When I Leave it In Your Hands)”: You might remember this from Legacy Five’s 2006 Live in Music City project. It’s quite a shift from a ballad anchored by Frank Seamans to a modern country song—but that makes it even more interesting to hear the songwriter’s original vision for the song.

:1. One thing I would change: Twangs. If you don’t like soloists with a twang backed by electric guitar-driven country tracks, this CD is not for you. But if that is your cup of tea, you might enjoy this project.

Traditional or Progressive

Progressive with a country influence.

Radio Single Picks

“Love Comes to Town,” “Peace (When I Leave it In Your Hands),” “Water in the Wilderness”


Producer: Danny Crawford, Brian Beatty. • Group members: David Bryant. • Review copy provided.  • Song list: Love Comes to Town; The Holy Hills; Water in the Wilderness; Modern Pioneers; The Sound of the Sun; One Step (at a time); When I Leave it in Your Hands; Angels Watching; This Storm; Power in His Name.

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  1. We actually love the refreshing sound put to some familiar southern gospel feel…. It spices things up a bit. Our favorite pick is Love Comes to Town and One Step at a time….. Keep up the good work!

  2. Great review Daniel. Be sure to listen to your favorite SG Radio station to hear Song of David’s first radio single, “One Step”. The song is already getting great reviews from stations across the country!

  3. Thanks for the review of Song of David. I love country music and may just have to pic this CD up!

  4. My favorite song on the album is “Holy Hills”, I think it would be a great single for radio, and I love the country style it has. I also think Song oF David is going to be a name you hear often in gospel music in the near future.

  5. I am not a big fan of southern/country gospel, but I have thoroughly enjoyed this CD! “Holy Hills” and “One Step” are my favs.

  6. Love it from beginning to end…. i agree that we are going to hear great and great from David Bryan & Song of David. Definately the guy and music to watch/listen for this year!!!!!! thanks for sharing Daniel

  7. A blessing to our lives. Great cd. Wish you the best!

  8. Love the CD it brings a fresh approach to the [edit].
    Thanks for doing a project that i keep in my cd player at all times

  9. I have this CD among many many more. Now has become one of my favorites. I believe this guy knows what he’s singing about. May God use you in His service.

  10. LOVE the songs! Love the voice of the artist and the feel of the music. I tend to stick with songs and sounds that move my spirit and not just my feet. This does both. Can’t wait for more. 🙂