Singing News October 2011: Tidbits and Intentional Misunderstandings

In this month’s Singing News:

  • Page 3: Happy Birthdays, Daniels!
  • Page 4: Thank you for your service, Mr. Riley and Mr. Smart.
  • Page 20: Mr. Reno joins the Mystery Men, but it remains a mystery which groups he has been with before.
  • Page 55: Mr. Ron Brewer tears off the roof and stands on the railroad tracks.
  • Page 60: Pat Barker has found a unique way to say how old he is: A 20-year class reunion a few weeks ago.
  • Page 72: The Cardiologist’s Song is at #33.
  • Page 83: Who are the presents for? The photographer?

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  1. Additionally…

    pg. 49: Is that REALLY Jim Brady? 🙂

    From cover to cover: Who wins the contest for the best Photoshop “Lift”?

    pg. 38: Seriously, does anybody try these recipes? Just askin’…

    Daniel’s Siblings,

    Keep your thoughts coming. We enjoy them!