2 Letters to the Editor

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  1. i am sure it will be spiritually awesome…..just like all the rest….God bless!!

  2. The last 6 years have been difficult. My grandaughter and 25 year old son died within 6 weeks of each other. He was my only child. My other 2 grandchildren went to live with their mother.My grandaughter was 3 and lived with my son and I, all her life. She didn’t know her mother. She was torn apart when the court gave her to her mother. My son’s death tore the family apart. I’m from a large family, but it was like I was alone. I had an aunt and a brother that stood beside me. Although God has been with me. I was in two car accidents in two years with knee, back, neck injuries. A tornado hit my house last April. My house was forclosed on, and had to move from Alabama to Ohio with my faithful brother, because I could no longer care for a house alone. I left my precious grandchildren in Alabama, because if I stayed in Alabama I would be in a nursing home. The darkness of depression that has been a constant for 6 years is lifting. Can you imagine what “Thru the Fire” and “He’ll make a Way” has meant to me. When I listen to your music, I sense the power of the Holy Spirit. I appreciate you all. You minister to the people not only thru song. I have a list of songs from you tube I listen to daily. Keep on shining your light, you”ve made a big difference in my life. THank you.