Toney Brothers disband; Terry Toney joins Blackwood Quartet

Earlier this year, enough Toney Brothers members left the group that only bass singer and manager Terry Toney remained. In an announcement billed as “Blackwood Quartet and Toney Brothers merge,” the Blackwood Quartet’s website states: [EDIT, 6/7/12: Broken link removed.]

The history of the Blackwood family and the Toney family goes all the way back to the 1940’s, when Alden Toney joined the Blackwood Brothers to sing tenor when the group was based in Shenandoah, IA. He stayed as tenor through the move to Memphis, TN in 1951 and together they introduced great songs such as, “Lead me to that rock”.

Some 30 years ago, Mark Blackwood and Terry Toney became friends and for many years have had a close working relationship. They have filled in for each other’s group in times of need, helped each other in scheduling, and have lended moral support to each other. Mark and Terry have often discussed the possibility of merging these two groups. The timing just was not right, until recently.

Effective immediately, the Toney Brothers and the Blackwood Quartet have merged. Mark Blackwood and Terry Toney will now bring their collective talents together as the Blackwood Quartet. Terry Toney says “Mark is a good businessman, strong vocalist, and great stage manager. I am really excited to join forces with him.” Mark says “Terry brings not only his strong bass voice, but 39 years of experience to the stage. Terry has a winning personality and provides great comic relief”.

A new project is underway. Be sure to check the group’s schedule so you can come see them soon. (hat tip, Aaron)

While it is sad to see a name with the storied history of the Toney Brothers come to an end, perhaps it is just as well. If the choice is between assembling a lineup not worthy of bearing a storied name and disbanding, surely disbanding is the better choice.

This is the second Blackwood-related merger in the last two years. In February 2010, after Josh Garner and John Rulapaugh left Ron Blackwood’s Blackwood Quartet at about the same time Ron had to come off the road for health reasons, the Blacwood Quartet merged with Mark Blackwood’s Blackwood Gospel Quartet into the Blackwood Quartet—the current group, under Mark’s management.

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  1. Beside the Blackwood group which is the subject at hand, clarity is needed since confussion do arise from time to time regarding family…

    This was the website that Jimmy Blackwood used while in a soloist ministry a few years ago:
    Jimmy Blackwood now has his own group ministry which can be found here:
    Jimmy Blackwood & Blackwood Brothers Quartet
    Both above listed sites have the same main content.

    I offer this infomational page about The Blackwoods who are known for singing at the Blackwoods Breakfast Variety Show in Pigeon Forge Show.
    For non-Facebookers, search Google using “The Blackwoods.”!/pages/The-BlackwoodsA-Legacy-Lives-On/145110600443

  2. Sad to see that there will no longer be a Toney Borthers group, but glad they will still be in the biz. Terry was always one of the funniest emcees and will be an asset to any group he joins.

  3. I’ve lost count of Blackwood affiliated groups and mergers. And I have a good memory with things like that. Are there that many Blackwoods or does it just seem to happen a lot? Or both..

    • FNR –

      :shrugs shoulders:

      Jimmy Blackwood’s Blackwood Brothers has been pretty steady. He’s had the same bass and tenor with him for his whole run (going on about 8 years now), and baritone Brad White stayed around 5 years before leaving, allowing Jimmy’s brother Billy to come back on the road.

      • Right. They have been consistent. But even there, a name change/naming rights thing occurred.

  4. Josh and John were with Ron’s group actually…but I thought perhaps this is what happened when I saw Terry’s picture with the group.

    • Paul – ah, you’re right. I knew that, but it had slipped my mind. Edited now! 🙂


  6. I heard the Toney Brothers several years ago. I have several of their tapes. Their is one song I really love.
    I am trying to get the sheet music or a CD of the music to this song “Grace one more time” so that I can sing it in chruch. It really is a touching song. If you can help me with this issure, I would greatly appricate it.



  7. I have been trying to find a recording that the Toney Brothers did sometime around 2002, or perhaps earlier? They recorded two songs that I wrote – “One Of God’s Children Is Gone”, and “Nothing But The Blood”. Can anyone help me with this situation? The record label they recorded for disbanded shortly thereafter and I never received a copy of the recordings. I always liked the Toney Brothers and I had a chance to work with them a couple of times while I was singing Tenor for the Cathedral Qt. – way back in the early ’70’s. If anyone has a copy of the recordings; I’d really like to receive them; even if only MP3 style via Internet? Thanks for your help. Roger Horne

  8. We used to have the Toney Brothers every year while we were at Palm Heights Baptist Church in San Antonio, Texas…until my husband died in 2007…after that I think they came a couple more time while my son was still there…How sad there are is Toney Brothers Quartet anymore…I was looking for Terry Toney’s mailing address as I have one of the last snapshots of his Dad while they were at our church…He died a couple of months later…If he would contact me I would be glad to send the photo…