Tim Duncan joins Canton Junction

Here’s a video of a male quartet named Canton Junction. Matt Hagee is singing tenor; Aaron (edit: not Adam) Crabb is singing lead; Michael Sykes is singing baritone; Tim Duncan is singing bass (hat tip, J.C.).

At this point, we don’t know what the group’s plans areβ€”whether they will just be the best church quartet in America, or whether they have recording and touring plans. Either way, Tim Duncan’s fans will be delighted to see him singing again. (There’s some pretty incredible singing here, too!)

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  1. I can’t see the video (or whatever the blank space is :-)) from my phone, but is this Adam or Aaron Crabb? I thought Aaron was at Cornerstone.

    Those two are often difficult to separate. πŸ™‚

    • Per Tim Duncan’s Facebook page it is Aaron.

    • Yes, Aaron and Matt are related to Cornerstone in Texas.

      The combination of the names of Aaron Crabbe, Duncan,Hagee and Sykes sounds like they mean business and be going somewhere.

      • Please forget the “e” off of Crabb.
        I just got carried away!

    • I am so glad to finally fine TIM DUNCAN. I was very sad and disappointed when he left Signature Sound.

      • Me too!!!! Tim’s my favorite bass singer.

      • Boy it is great to see Tim sing again, I have been watch for him since he left Signature Sounds. He has this voice I could just sit and listen to all day. Hey the other guys are great also and they are going to be a wonderful group to listen too. I hope they plan on making DCD’s and CD’s because I am ready to put them in my gospel music collection. Tim is my favorite bass singer his voice reminds me of George Younce.

      • Tim Duncan is GREAT! I am really glad to find him again. He is really missed on Signature Sound.

        Where are they touring? How can we see the schedule?

      • They are a new group, and I don’t know if they have a website up yet.

      • Me too–I hated it when he left Signature Sound but a good voice for the Lord does not stay quiet very long.

      • Glad to find Tim DUNCAN great bass singer.

      • When did Michael Sykes leave Canton Junction? Perhaps too heavy of a load with managing some groups/personnl in the field. He is still associated with Difference Media, isn’t he?

        Thanks Bro. Daniel for the support you have given this new Group! Especially Tim Duncan. He is one
        of a kind and rates in the upper 1% og Bass singers in the So. Gospel genre. I have been away from
        some of the backgrounds of certain groups since my wife passed away a year ago in May. Also any
        changes within this particular quartet would help my sadness in her departure, for she really enoyed
        their music ministry; also Dr. John Hagee and his enlightening knowledge of the coming night when Christ
        will return. We need to pray for men like him and Matt who preach the TRUTH.

        I His Service, Ernie Austin

  2. Wow! They had a good sound! Does anyone know where this was taped? And who exactly is Matt Hagee?

    • Pastor at Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, TX.

      • Thanks for enlightening us, Josh! We wondered about Matt (being staff) because of the headset mic AND the handheld mic. That explains it!



      • What a great group! So excited to see Tim Duncan is singing with another group. Wish these guys all the best !

    • The quartet with Tim D singing bass was taped at John Hagee’s church. I believe that it’s in Texas.

    • Matthew Hagee is the younger son of Pastor John Hagee, of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, TX. Pastor Matt is also an awesome anointed preacher!

  3. I saw a clip of these guys a couple of months ago. Good stuff!

    • Yeah, I posted a Facebook video about a month ago of them doing the same song.


      Different day, same song, same suit πŸ™‚

      • Aaron – I’m still not getting the RSS feed from your site to play nice with Google Reader.


        Actually, I just got it working!

        For months, I only saw what you posted when I remembered to type the address in, unlike everyone else, whom I automatically see via GReader. That should change now. πŸ™‚

        Josh – I do typically read everything you post. I’m surprised I missed that! (Any chance you posted it NQC week? πŸ™‚ )

      • Daniel, just saw this. Glad you got it working! Just for kicks, I put my feed on my Google Reader a couple of months ago and it’s been working. Glad that whatever problem it was having with your Reader was resolved!

      • I was trying to read it in Google Reader, too, which makes it even weirder. Glad it’s a moot point now! πŸ™‚

      • Yes, it was Friday of NQC

      • That explains why I missed it! πŸ™‚

  4. Hard for me to envision it being a full-time traveling ministry, considering Matt and Aaron are both on staff at Cornerstone.

    • Yeah, but it’s possible to do some level of dates; after all, the McKameys have assorted music and leadership positions within their home church, e.g. choir director, and schedule their weekends to be home on Sundays.

      The Primitives also schedule their weekends to be home Sundays, though I don’t know whether they play roles in their church(es) other than regularly attending.

      • Daniel,

        Great point. I think the economics of the situation makes it much more feasible for artists to work through Sundays too. There is the possibility, however, that groups could do as the McKameys and Primitive have done for years which is, to make a point to be in their home church every Sunday morning.

      • Pastor have been touring with groups for years. Hovie Lister Pastored a church just to name one I can think of while he was with the Statesmen.

  5. from what I understand, Michael Sykes is on staff there too – it’s only Tim that’s “shipped in” from out of town.

    • I hadn’t heard thatβ€”that explains why he lives in Texas, despite his producing work being in Nashville!

  6. Tim Duncan is quality and still has time to be a bass singer in this genre…I hope something works out…he needs to be full time…somewhere..hmmmm!

    • He might get more exposure from this than from a number of the groups that would hire him.

      • I have to agree. I’d say way more than half of the people in that service would likely never attend a “regular” SG concert. But with the Hagee name attached, who knows…

  7. Sounds like Matt has a little bit of a “Kirk Talley” smoothness to him to me. Very nice sounding group.

  8. When I see the word “Canton,” I think of the town in western North Carolina that stunk up a couple of miles on Interstate-40 for so many years.

    These guys don’t stink at all, though!

    Based on the information posted by Tim Duncan on his Facebook page, this group seems to have plans for more appearances.

    • Glad to hear it! They have what it takes to be top-notch if they do offer some dates, and with the Hagee exposure, I don’t think they have to do 200 dates per year to make it to the top.

      I grew up near Canton, OH, and now I live even closer than you do to Canton, NC – close enough to smell it outside my apartment if the wind is right (err, wrong!)

      • First of all, I like the more personable Canton Junction that Daniel is featuring in this thread.

        Thank you, David and Daniel for giving opening this up just a little.

        Just six miles up the road toward Boston, we have a train station called Canton Junction in Canton, MA.

        Canton Junction doesn’t stink but probably have more traffic than both of your towns put together. (It used to stink when Canton Rubber was in operation)

        We take the backroads to avoid Canton Junction and go through Sharon, MA to our hospital complex.

        While speaking of Sharon, Sharon is the home of a southern gospel music venue called Meetinghouse Concerts.

        Your Canton Junction sounds alot better to me.

  9. they would also have a pretty good band behind them :)…

    They sound great…i never thought of Aaron Crabb as a quartet dude, but it works..real good.

    • I never thought of Aaron as a quartet singer, either, but he did a top-notch job, and I must confess that I like him even better here than with the Crabbs. πŸ™‚

  10. Where did they get their name?

    • I don’t know.

    • Found this on Twitter from Matt Hagee:

      PastorMattHagee Pastor Matthew Hagee
      where 4 corners come together…Canton 4 corners of a flag. Junction the meeting place!

  11. They sound nice.. but, is this why Tim Duncan left EHSS?

    • I doubt it, but some things are not for us to know.

    • Duncan’s done various small things since leaving EHSS.

      • Yes, and there has been talk of a solo project.

  12. This is a perfect quartet! That could really help this industry in many ways. The reason I use the term “perfect” is it has all the vitals to be successful!

  13. Even though he uses some falsetto, Hagee gets higher that I would have guessed.

  14. Sweet! I had sort of forgot how much I liked Tim Duncan. I hope this group does a project!

  15. I think it would be great if they did a project with all NEW songs, without any old tired played out songs! It could be a real hit with Crabb’s access to new trending songs, Sykes’s (is that right Syke’s?) creative producing ability, and Hagee’s unlimited media resources. Big! this could be a new exciting movement in SGM that could bring a breath of fresh air in the industry!

    • If nothing else, they could offer a special project in the Cornerstone bookstore.

  16. It would be neat to see a part time, very good all make quartet…I always thought Falwell was onto something with the Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet…I think Tim Duncan if he wanted would be great for this…

  17. With Sykes they could produce some nice original arrangements rather than rehashing GVB stuff but their sound is killer. Ive never heard Hagee sing but he is fantastic. That’s the kind of tenor I like. Awesome find.Thanks for the tip!

  18. ooooo…fingers crossed…hoping…please someone tell us they are forming a group! Wow!

  19. BTW they did some stuff as a trio earlier this year too before Tim joined


  20. Is it just my ears, or has Tim Duncan improved DRAMATICALLY as a bass singer since his EHSS days??? With his earlier singing in mind, Duncan was never on my favorite bass singers list. After hearing this, I might reconsider! The whole group has a great sound. Nice work.

    • This sounds like Tim sounded when EHSS was new. I think his stroke may have had some impact on his voice, but he’s back to his previous confidence.

    • I actually thought his bass work here sounded remarkably like his stuff from his Poet Voices days.

  21. The question I have…. these guys or the Ryan Seaton Quartet??

    I would like to hear a quality recording of Ryan Seaton Quartet other than the junk we see on Youtube.com

    • There are good members in both. I could pick and choose from both and really get a group together. πŸ˜€ With that said, each one has potential.

  22. I go to gospel singings all the time. I would be the first in line to buy a cd or if they were close go see them. This was awesome. Matthew is a great preacher too.

  23. Ryan did some vocals on Tim’s solo project.

  24. I sure do miss Tim & Ryan. Let’s hope they both get back to singing in a quartet. That’s so nice to know that Ryan will be on Tim’s solo project.

  25. Love it!!!!
    So good to hear Tim again…I’ve missed him.
    Matt is something else!!! ALL of them are great.
    Have great success in Jesus name.

  26. The Canton Junction Quartet sounds marvellous. Tim Duncan is a real asset to this quartet. Hope they will go on tour and come to Red Deer, Alberta, Canada and perform at the Westerner in the summer. This group has the potential to be an award winning quartet. Hope to see you come to Alberta. I am spreading the word for everyone to listen to your quartet on You Tube.
    God Bless!

  27. This group is absolutely fantastic. I love their instrumental group also. Let’s hear more and more and more. Don’t ever stop. You’re blessing us beyond belief.

  28. I’m SOOOO HAPPY I have found this website.I have been wondering what happened to Tim Duncan ever since he left EHSS. We miss you, Tim… and I’m so glad to see you are singing again. Hopefully your group will come to the Portland Oregon area and we can see you again…along with your red boots! Remember? I’m the red boots fan… Ha. Love ya!

  29. tim i am linda duncan husband. brice is her uncle . sure would tike to hear from you . we havent saw your dad in many years . saw brice and lilly mae a few years ago . hard to make that long trip now.. .. lours trult .tommy and linda.

  30. Marvelous! Good sound! Glad to see Tim Duncan back singing in a quartet.

  31. I have loved all of these guys, and so thrilled at the possibility of seeing them more often. Would love to see them with the Gaithers or on their own. Whichever, please come to Wichita.

  32. Awesome sound. Please come to Wichita, KS!!

  33. Just heard them for the first time. I am a big Tim Duncan fan so it is so good to hear & see him doing what he does so well again.

    Whatever they choose to do I am sure that they will make it because their sound is awesome.

    I loved hearing Michael Sykes, Matthew Hagee, Adam Crabb together with Tim Duncan singing.

    Guys you have a great sound and I hope that you do fantastic. I can see no reason why you shouldn’t since the sound is great.

  34. I just looked on TimDunconOnline.com and there is an album titled “Tim Duncan” but it has no release date… I tried to get more info about it online but found none. Can anyone tell me about this album and when it was recorded?? Thank You!!

  35. All I want to say is: Praise the Lord Tim Duncan is back!!

    • AMEN to that!!!! My mom and I can not get enough of EHSS Tribute to The Cathederals DVD. We were heart broken when Tim Duncan left. I think I’m just going to buy that album “Tim Duncan” on his website…I’m sure its awesome.

  36. I always thot Tim could have been with a better group than EHSS, I still think he should be with a traditional group like when he was with Poetic Voice. He don”t fit in with the “dancers” and finger snappers.

    • I did prefer his work with Poet Voices overall.

      • I’ve never heard Tim Duncan with Poet Voices. I will have to check them out! πŸ™‚

  37. Matthew is the associate pastor of Cornerstone Church, San Antonio, TX. His father, John Hagee is the Sr pastor. All of the Hagee family, with the exception of Diana, sing and have beautiful voices. We are also blessedd to have Aaron and Amanda Crabb as our Praise & Worship leaders. Aaron is one of the gospel singing Crabb family. Michael Sykes is also on staff at Cornerstone along with his beautiful wife Tanya (Goodman) Sykes. The talent and anointing at Cornerstone Church just goes on and on!

  38. So glad to find Tim again. I too have missed hearing him sing. But hearing all of you sing so beautifully together means that you will be greatly blessed by God and you will bless others. Please keep praising the Lord. I will look forward to hearing more of your beautiful songs.

  39. I had the pleasure in march to go with the JH ministries to Israel. We got to see the group Canton Junction perform several times. I thought they were wonderful and there songs were so very beautiful. I would love to purchase a cd or dvd of the group. Have you heard of an cds they have recorded?

    • They’re working on their first CD presently.

    • They do make a guest appearance for one song on John Hagee’s “A Lifetime of Music” DVD.

  40. Wow! I just saw Tim singing with the “Canton Junction” on Day Star, they are so awesome I enjoyed their music they are really good. Its nice to see him sing again, he’s such an amazing singer. Who replaced him in EHSS?

    • Ian Owens replaced him with EHSS.

  41. Heard Canton Junction in Peterhead Scotland last night. Great sound and ministry.

  42. I love this group, but I think Aaron Crabb needs to change his wardrobe. I know the Lord accepts us all “as we are” but I think if the Queen of England, or the President of the United States, was to visit Cornerstone, Aaron Crabb would certainly change his outfit!!!!!!!! Has someone not told him????

  43. Their stuff is on itunes.

  44. How did they come up with that name? Canton Junction?

    • Matt Hagee said that he is very interested in the study of words and word origins…he explained that a canton is a 4th of a flag…one corner of it, basically…and that since a quartet is where 4 people/parts come together, they named it Canton Junction.

      • Thanks! I had heard that, but couldn’t remember the details. So I’m glad someone else did!