Are there artists we’re missing?

Are there incredible artists this site isn’t covering, but should be?

If there are any brilliant new artists you think we should be talking about on this site, let us know in the comments!

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  1. There are ALOT of artists nationwide that are MISSING but from NQC main stage. It would be nice to alternate some NEW ones not usually INVITED to the NQC stage but that have been viewed by people throughout the country or heard on Enlighten. I actually THOUGHT the Freedom Singers would have by now been invited to sing on the NQC main stage. And yes, there are others.

    • This question and discussion is about artists which should be covered on this website—not an NQC mainstage discussion. 🙂

  2. The Mark Dubbeld Family.

    They’re now part of Mansion Entertainment. They write many of their own songs. Mark has one of the most talented tenor voices I’ve ever heard.

    • Andrew, Somebody came up at a concert and told me what you had said on the Thanks for your kind words. We are excited to be apart of spreading and sharing the gospel in song. We are working now on our new cd coming out in January 2012. Continue to pray for God’s blessing on our ministry.

      Daniel, Would be happy to send you a CD FOR REVIEW. Where should I send it? Thanks! Mark Dubbeld

      • Hey Mark! Welcome to the blog. . . long time/no see. Hope you’re doing well!

      • Dan, Thanks for the welcome! Trust you are doing well. Yes, we have been blessed this last year with all God has done for our family. “Nothing But Praise” is doing really well on Christian Voice Chart #27 this month and getting some good play on Singing News Stations. Blessings! All the best! Mark Dubbeld

  3. *coughLOGANPETTIScoughcough* 😀

  4. The BROWDERS… I am overwhelmed by the message of “I Fall On My Knees” and feel it will help to elevate the group. There is a first-rate video available of this song on YouTube. Can’t wait until they are in the Carolinas. I’ll be there. Would love to see you write about them.


  5. I think you do a good job of covering national artists. People will probably say their local regional group needs more coverage, but it’d be impossible to cover all of them.

    • Thanks!

      About the only time I really hit a problem is when a group with regional reach thinks they deserve the same level of coverage as a Greater Vision or a Booth Brothers.

      Once in a while, a group comes from out of nowhere and blows me away – e.g. Liberty Quartet, Cross 4 Crowns. Those are the exceptions, granted, but I don’t want to miss those exceptions! 🙂

  6. Song of David. Their latest single “One Step” is already getting rave reviews. They are with Mansion & you will be hearing a lot from them in the future.
    I also agree with The Mark Dubbeld Family. They are a great family that I got to know at NQC.

    • I have their (or is it his?) CD on my desk for review. So, provided it’s as good as it is reputed to be, I do plan to review it.

      I would review the Mark Dubbeld Family’s CD if it made its way to my desk, too. 🙂

      • Daniel,
        I believe you will like it. But we will see…

      • Cool!

    • Thanks for the link Scott. Hadn’t come across that group before.


    • Both are on my radar, and I do cover both when there is news (e.g. lineup change) or an album is submitted for review.

    • Agree, both are great!!! Also, Pauls Journey & The Williamsons.

  8. These guys are pretty good from some songs I’ve heard. You could review their CDs. 🙂

  9. The Sneed Family is a regional group based out of Glasgow, KY. ( It’s comprised of Jeff and Pam Sneed, their three kids Seth, Jacob, and Amanda, and Amanda’s husband Caleb Cowan (formerly of Naomi and the Segos). They’re good friends of mine and their group has a wonderful sound. Plus, they’re great people with beautiful hearts for the Lord. Check them out and see what you think!

  10. My apologies for mistyping their website.

  11. Daniel,

    Here’s a group we’ve met, Triple L Band. They have received some national recognition and in 2010 they won Front Porch Fellowship’s Bluegrass Gospel Fan Awards “New Artist of the Year”.

    Here’s their website:



    • I think I heard their name, in that context.

    • Are you suggesting that I’m not covering them?


    • Josh,

      Awww, you’re sooo…Minnesota nice! 🙂



      • Well, we ARE the nicest! They don’t call it Minnesota Nice for nothin’… 🙂

  12. Yes, The Browders. On the SN Charts, they have just recently had a couple of #1 songs, many in the top 10, and have been somewhere on the charts nearly every month for the past 5 years. They have a heavy tour schedule and I have had them at my church many times.

    • I’m familiar with the Browders’ music, and would cover any major news stories that came up.

  13. You should do the Taylors, Thetaylorsmusic. 4 part harmony with all being siblings.

    • I was impressed by them one year at NQC and did go to their booth to talk with them (one of the brothers, as I recall).


  15. Declaration Trio. I saw them in concert with the Booth Brothers and was impressed. They’re working with Michael. Sweet blend. Here’s a clip from their upcoming new release. (I reviewed part of it and hope to obtain the full thing when it comes out.) Note the similarity to the Booth Brothers:

    • I haven’t missed them. 🙂 I have been in touch with Jake Sammons and do plan to review their debut project.

      • Well then, we have something in common. 🙂

  16. What about the general thoughts of “come-back” groups like the Nelons or Bowling Family?

    Sylvia Green of the Bradys helped get the ball back rolling for the Hoppers’ chart success and award-winning status. Not very much is said of her or the Bradys.

    • I do cover both the Nelons and the Bowling Family.

      • Ok.. I haven’t seen much – reviews and/or overall critique- on here in a while. However, I could not be reading everything – which will change once schoolwork lightens its load. 🙂

      • I am constantly pushing “submit comment” before I re-read what I say. My comments about reviews and/or overall critique refer to the Nelons/Bowling Family coverage. Not in general reference to the blog! 🙂

      • Ah, OK! Well, neither has had members quit lately, or the other sorts of things that got them into the news. I did discuss both in NQC coverage.

      • Well, I post a CD review every Friday. 🙂

  17. Have you covered much of the The Greenes new line-up (Tim Greene Trio). I have not viewed all of you post, so not sure if you have done a review of their recording.

    • No, at least not yet. Of course, I’m aware of them, but I wasn’t sent a review copy, and if they’re with a record label I could contact, I haven’t heard of the signing yet.

  18. Gaither on Friday night in Youngstown. Very good!! Gaither Vocal Band sounded great as usual. Martins were there and it was good to see them again. Saturday night Crist Family and Hoppers in Wooster, OH. Probably one of the best evenings of SG I’ve heard in a long time. A night with the best presentation of the message of the gospel in song. Is Lumber River Qt a quartet on the rise? They were on a showcase at NQC and I missed them due to not arriving until Thursday AM. Did you attend their showcase?

    • Thursday was the day of the Gaither Vocal Band reunion, and I’d never seen Steve Green live. So that was where I was during showcase time Thursday!

  19. The Ascension Quartet (just found them on Youtube!)

  20. I don’t know if you have heard of them or not, but one of my favorite quartets is the Carolina Boys Quartet.

    • I *think* I reviewed their Crossroads debut.

  21. – Vocal Union:
    These guys are the finest all-vocal Southern Gospel your ears will ever hear (short of the Cathedrals’ classic album “Voices in Praise: A Cappella”).

    – Keepers of the Faith:
    I met this Washington-state based group at NQC and was really impressed with them. Big guys with big hearts and big voices, and a solid traditional SoGo sound. They gave me a copy of their CD “Tribute: Volume 3” and it’s top-notch.

    And I would also mention The Daybreak Quartet ( except sogoblog’s Dianna is already a long-time fan (and friend), and the blog has covered the group in the past. Furthermore, the group is currently on hiatus with an uncertain future… after 20 years of ministry. Please pray that God will work it out so they can continue their ministry for another 20 years and more.

    • I have reviewed and covered Daybreak before, right after Joel Wood left for MTQ. I hate to hear that they’re on hiatus!

  22. Yes, I remember seeing the post about Joel Wood and wanted to respond to some of the comments on it, but I didn’t discover the article until a year after it was posted. It seemed a moot point to reply.

    And I am the guy who replaced Joel as tenor with Daybreak. It made the circle complete since Joel replaced me as Daybreak’s tenor in 2005 when I got married.

    And I also am very saddened by Daybreak’s hiatus, and not just because I have been singing with them periodically over the last 20 years. Since they started in 1991 (under a different name, and I was one of the original members), they have always kept the focus on ministry first and foremost. We had a missions trip planned for Japan in 2012 that probably will not happen now — it would have been our second time there ministering to military churches and the people of the country.

    And I mentioned Diana above (and misspelled her name) — she’s actually one of the contributors on sgconcerts which regrettably I confused momentarily with your site.

    • I helped her build and launch her site, and was co-moderator with her on a forum for a while, so I do know who she is and we’re good acquaintances. No problem on the mix-up! 🙂

  23. Triumphant Quartet Tops The Southern Gospel Chart, Again.

    Franklin, TN (Mansion Entertainment) – The list of accolades and achievements continue to grow for Triumphant Quartet’s ‘Love Came Calling’ project as their second radio single, “Saved By Grace”, will reach the Number One spot for the November Singing News Top 80 Chart.

    ‘Love Came Calling’, the first single and title cut, received two Dove Nominations (‘Song of the Year’ and ‘Southern Gospel Recorded Song of the Year’) earlier this year and garnered the ‘Song Of The Year’ award at the 2011 Singing News Fan Awards. The song attained the Number One spot on the June Singing News Top 80 Chart. A short five months later the follow up single, “Saved By Grace”, will be the group’s second Number One radio release from the project. The ‘Love Came Calling’ project was produced by Wayne Haun with group pianist Jeff Stice as associate producer and received the ‘Favorite Album Of The Year’ award at 2011 Singing News Fan Awards.

    Since their inception in 2003, Triumphant Quartet has compiled an impressive list of accolades, awards and chart success which included a previous Grammy Nomination for ‘Best Southern, Country or Bluegrass Gospel Album’ by the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards for their album ‘Everyday’. This year has been a stellar year for the group proving that their popularity continues to grow among fans and industry peers alike as they continue on the path of becoming one of the legendary quartets of our time.

    A third single from the ‘Love Came Calling’ project is currently being selected and shipped to radio. For more information regarding Triumphant Quartet and their tour schedule, visit

    • Normally I might delete something like this as off-topic, but I think I’ll leave it up because I find it quite funny.

      I believe my readers will back me up when I say that Triumphant is definitely on my radar screen, and I feature them as often as other top-tier artists. 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆