Concert Review: Dixie Melody Boys Concert

Text, photos, and videos all by Daniel’s siblings.

On October 9th, the Dixie Melody Boys Quartet did an afternoon concert at Temple Baptist Church in Green, Ohio.  Temple Baptist’s resident vocal groups, the Rogers Sisters and the Calvary Singers, opened and sang at the intermission.

From our seats, the audio was not clear, so the DMB song list is to the best of our detection ability:

  • Your First Day in Heaven
  • Roll On Jordan
  • Royal Telephone
  • Turn Your Radio On
  • We Gotta Get the Good News Out, featuring baritone Steve Cooper
  • Bottom of the Basket, written and sung by lead Donald Morris
  • Oh What a Savior, featuring tenor Matt Felts
  • I’ve Got Family There, featuring bass Ed O’Neal
  • There’s Joy in Serving Jesus
  • God Will Hear Your Prayer
  • His Blood Alone
  • I’m Getting Ready

After the intermission and product pitch:

  • Goodbye World Goodbye
  • When I Cross to the Other Side of Jordan
  • The Longer I Serve Him
  • That’s What Jesus Means to Me
  • The Call is Still the Same

We enjoyed getting to hear and see the members of the DMB again, as well as getting to meet Mrs. O’Neal, who has been traveling with the group since Mr. O’Neal’s fall and broken leg.  Mr. O’Neal seems to be doing fairly well and is now getting around without a cane.

Here are some photos and a video greeting from Mr. Felts.

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  1. Nice bus! What happened to the Sprinter?

    • Good question—that hadn’t occurred to me. It may be that it was necessary with his injury.

    • We commented on that when we were there. We think they went back to using a bus after his fall and when Mrs. O’Neal started coming with them.

    • They’ve had the bus for quite a while, even before Ed’s fall. I remember getting a newsletter or something about it. If I’m not mistaken, it was either shortly before or shortly after Matt Felts got hired.

      • Thanks for the clarification!

      • No problem! I remember it coming as a surprise that they had made the change back to the bus after going with a Sprinter for a while. It is a pretty nice bus!

  2. I am still aggravated (mad) that the Dixie Melody Boys were excluded from being invited Mainstage at NQC, and on their 50th Anniversary yet! Yes, I KNOW they were in one of the FREE afternoon rooms, but they were opposite something in Freedom Hall.
    I LOVE the Dixie Melody Boys and they have no more changes in personnel than any other group. And it’s GREAT what Ed O’Neal does, training the young ones and letting them go to pursue other avenues/groups.

    • Umm…you might want to re-check your facts. 🙂

      They had about 25 minutes in a ticketed showcase. That showcase was in Freedom Hall. It was the Singing News Fan Awards straw poll showcase, the biggest draw at that point in the schedule.

      Also, the statement that they have no more changes in personnel than any other group is another instance where it would be worth re-checking the facts. There are plenty of groups who have had a comparable number of changes, but there are also plenty of groups who have had far less—especially family groups, but also a fair number of male trios and quartets. Take, for example, Greater Vision, Paid in Full, the Cathedrals, Triumphant Quartet, the Kingdom Heirs, the Gaither Vocal Band, the Couriers, the Ball Brothers, Voices Won, and the Bishops. And, as I said, that’s not to mention the fact that most family groups have even steadier lineups than most male groups.

      Now, at the same time, there are plenty of groups with comparable turnover, and a few (e.g. Gold City in the last three years) with faster turnover. But to say “any” in “no more changes in personnel than any other group” isn’t accurate.

  3. Good report. We had the DMB at our church back in August. Sure did enjoy the concert.

  4. I dont care how many personell changes Ed has…i dont care if its just him on the stage…after 50 years in this business he deserves more respect than afternoon showcase that made about as little sense as anything NQC has ever done. I think Sg is forgetting where it came from and the wisdom our old timers bring!

    • Make no mistake, I’m thrilled to see him on stage, too. I’m just too much of a historian to let egregious historical mistakes of that level slip by! There are lurkers, after all, and some presumably have little or no other exposure to Southern Gospel. I don’t want them getting the wrong impressions!