Changes in Technology

It’s amazing to look back at how technology has changed over the past few years. Just a few years ago, the new thing was day-by-day coverage of the National Quartet Convention. Written summaries were novel.

Two or three years ago, digital camera technology and upload bandwidth speeds had progressed to where daily updates of photos were feasible.

Last year was the first year when NQC offered a live video stream. Last year and this year, word is that it’s been riddled with technical glitches. This year, my video clip coverage here was (to my knowledge) the first time one of the most active Southern Gospel websites posted day-by-day video clips from the floor and Freedom Hall. While I know that the quality my little handheld camera produced wasn’t great for the Freedom Hall clips, it’s been a lot of fun being a little innovative.

So…what’s the next step forward? How can coverage be improved next year?

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6 Letters to the Editor

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  1. Wear a video camera on your head and stream it live to the web 24/7.

  2. Al Franken used to sport a self-contained broadcasting apparatus. He wore the satellite dish on his head. That would be the way to go.

  3. OK, that’s a funny idea! Have you heard about the guy that does that all the time somewhere out in California? I’m not sure how … probably satellite connection from a laptop or something.

  4. This is the second year that Rob Patz from SGM Radio posted daily “Rob TV” updates and interviews from the National Quartet Convention.

  5. #1 – #3 – The problem is that it would cut down on off-the-record comments artists make to me. I heard quite a few things about upcoming developments, most of which I can’t talk about yet (though I did get permission to upload that Brent Mitchell interview), but wearing a live-streaming video cam would cut down on that. 🙁

  6. My comment & Bob’s were actually cross-posts.

    I don’t really think that’s the only problem. If it were, we could let you just shut off the audio now and then.

    You could ask for pledges to see how bad we wanted it. J/K