Lynda Randle story has a fascinating interview with Lynda Randle, Gaither Homecoming Tour soloist. In the interview, she shares little-known facts about her life, such as the fact that she originally wanted to sing soprano like Sandi Patti:

“When I started singing, I tried to emulate Sandi Patty — go figure,” Randle said of the high-soprano, inspirational artist. “But the principal at my school told me to stick with the lower register — that would be my ticket. And now that I’m doing it … he was exactly right.”

For the rest of this fascinating interview, check out the story.

For whatever it’s worth, I noticed that Southern Gospel blogger Martin Roth has the same story. I’ve noticed that he tends to run the same news stories I do, to the point that it’s almost weird. In fact, for this story, like several others, I decided to run it before I knew Martin had the story. But I decided to stop by his blog, as I usually do, to see if he’d run the story first. Not only did he have the story first, but he had also picked the same quote from the article which I thought would best draw your attention to the article and make you want to check it out.

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