Saturday News Roundup #91

Worth Knowing

  • The Talleys: After nearly thirty years with booking agent Fay Shedd’s Artist Direction Agency, the Talleys sent out a press release yesterday announcing that they are moving to the Harper Agency. They expressed “appreciation to Fay Shedd for the many years of hard work and friendship.”
  • Legacy Five: Legacy Five pianist Trey Ivey married Kayla Dixon yesterday.

Worth Reading

Check out Friday Night Revival’s take on broadening the spectrum of Southern Gospel songs to include a song that touches on God’s wrath.

Worth Watching

Gold City has moved their new album’s release date to about two weeks away, November 1. Here is their current lineup performing their new radio single:

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. I don’t think you got quite finished revising the Talleys paragraph.

    • Thanks! You know, I think I did actually have that right, but that revision must not have saved right. (But maybe I just forgot!)

  2. Watching the Gold City link you posted above….who is the lead singer? He doesn’t look like the one I saw in September at NQC. Is
    this a current line-up or before the West guy singing lead. It’s been hard to keep up with GC lately.

    • The new line up.

  3. Jerry Pelfrey.

  4. Craig West made it public before NQC that he would be leaving the road. He felt he needed to be home more for his 10 year old son. They hired Jerry the week before NQC I believe and he started right after NQC.

    • It wasn’t even that Craig felt he needed to be with his son, but that his son was having a real difficult time in adjusting his being gone and showed it.

  5. Interesting new format! I don’t know about everyone else, but this is showing up as “Chameleon” right now (it’s about 6:00 where I am).

    • I’ve spent hours building and customizing the redesign in a sandbox (technical term! 🙂 ) You managed to catch me in the midst of my five-minute mad dash to flip all the switches and implement all the changes on this end. 🙂