The Prophets Are Back

At one time, decades ago, the Prophets Quartet was one of the most popular quartets in Southern Gospel. Word has it that Ed Hill, who managed the quartet, might be bringing it back with an all-star cast which includes former Stamps Quartet tenor Bill Baize and former Singing Americans bass Hovie Walker(EDIT 8/6/11: Broken link removed).

Only time will tell if the Prophets will again be headed for the top, but it looks as though Ed Hill is assembling a cast that could put them there. One thing, though, is for sure: The Prophets retired in 1973, and that is one name that I (as well as many others) never expected to see again gracing the Gospel Music stage.

P.S. to my readers: I apologize for not posting a review yesterday. I didn’t have anything to review. But then, I suppose that I would probably have to cover quite a few groups on a regular basis to have 52 albums worth reviewing every year.

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  1. Daniel, I was very happy to read that The Prophets Qt. may be returning. With Ed Hill, Bill Baize, and Hovie Walker, they should be one of Sourhern Gospel Music`s top groups.

  2. Way to go Ed Hill, I still remember them and I think God had put a vision out there. for you.

    God Bless you
    Tina Myers Clapper