Sony’s Thoughts: Are You Looking for Light?

The other morning, I wasn’t feeling well but I couldn’t sleep so I slipped a CD by the Ruppes into my walkman and began to listen. I’ve had the CD for years but this particular morning, as I listened to the song, “Light From Heaven,” the words jumped out at me and were just what I needed to hear.

“For the sun is always shining though the clouds may hide its view. You may not see a silver lining but any day now, some way and somehow, the light from Heaven will come breaking through.”

How I needed that reminder! We may not see it but it doesn’t mean the sun’s not there. The clouds may hide it during the rainy season but it won’t rain always. The sun WILL shine again.  Let’s not lose sight of that and if you know someone who is hurting, be faithful to remind them of that as well.

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  1. I loved the fresh insight, Sony. Sometimes I do lose sight of this truth! Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Wow, what a song and message. I love it.
    But I had thought that it was an original song for the Collingsworth Family. Didn’t know till now that anyone else had ever sang it.

  3. I like the Collingsworth Family’s version too and am glad they brought it back for others who may not have heard the song before. The only version of the song I have is from the Ruppes from back in 1997.