Tim Duncan announces solo record

Yesterday, Tim Duncan announced his new website (timduncanonline.com) and solo record (hat tip, Josh). Sound clips for the solo record are here.

From the sound clips, two things jump out: (1) The vocals aren’t over-produced. They’re not perfect, but there is a beauty in authenticity. (2) The song selection shows that Duncan isn’t a casual fan of the bass singers he calls his heroes. He doesn’t pull out “Wedding Music” or “Plan of Salvation” to honor George Younce; he picks “He Came Back.” Of all the songs Rusty Goodman wrote and sang, he chose the obscure but delightful forgotten gem “Let Your Fingers do the Walking.”

Southern Gospel bass singers have historically had challenges in getting solo careers off the ground. More so than for any other vocal part in a Southern Gospel quartet, the bass part requires a comfort level with a range outside most voices’ naturally melodic territory. This makes it a greater challenge for bass singers than for baritones, leads, or tenors to carry a solo album or a solo concert. Some of the challenges are evident, but this project evinces commendable attention to employing the strongest areas of his range.

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  1. I see he has a link advertising Cornerstone Church as well. Not really surprising, but interesting!

  2. I LOVE “Let Your Fingers Do The Walking” first time I heard it, a buddy of mine played it on his dad’s 8 Track. Then later we found a video of it featuring Tim Riley. This album may be worth it just because it’ll be so….different.

  3. I was hoping to hear the songs you mentioned as well as ‘Since Jesus Passed By’. I haven’t been to the website to hear snippets the songs on the new CD. But I know I’ll still be ordering the CD to hear the solo version of Tim Duncan. Who knows, after hearing the CD, I may have new favorites.

  4. Thanks for the info Daniel. I listened to the snippets and ordered it – I love the fact that I can actually hear the vocals/words clearly.

  5. Great sound clips on website!! Was hoping one would be “Child Of The King”. It’s had to get everyones favorite but, Tim does an exceptional job on this some. Wonderful bass singer!

  6. How about Tim going up an octave from the other songs and doing “I Will Be Here”? Crazy and awesome at the same time!

  7. Glad he did “He Came Back” from the George Younce days! I can remember buying that song as a single on an old 45 back in the 70’s! Great memories!

  8. Was so good to here of your new adventure and i wish you and your family the best. So glad to hear your health is good that was good to hear, we all really missed you and are glad to know your back. where do we get your solo CD??