Greater Vision announces Hymns project

Greater Vision has released a Hymns project entitled Hymns of the Ages. This project will be available from Charles Stanley’s In Touch Ministries. They described the project in their email announcement:

Several months ago, we started working on a project with Producer Lari Goss, that we planned to release as a print project for Church Choirs. When we started working on it, we had no idea what it would become. During our pre- production meeting, we talked about working on some classic Hymns, and then the idea of putting them in a chronological order was mentioned. That meant we’d have to find songs that covered everything from the Creation to the Second Coming, and everything in between. What we came up with has become known as “Hymns Of The Ages”.

After we finished working on the soundtracks with the renowned Prague Symphony Orchestra, we put the print project on “hold” so we could record our vocals and produce a CD that we could make available to our friends. Shortly after the project began, our friends at In Touch Ministries contacted us about doing a special project for them, and when we mentioned what we were already working on, all of us realized that it was not a coincidence. “Hymns Of The Ages” would be the perfect recording to make available to the supporters and friends of In Touch. That recording is now available!

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