Saturday News Roundup #92

Worth Knowing

  • NQC: Via the AbsolutelyGospel forums, NQC is asking ticket holders if, come 2015, they would choose either (a) bumping convention up a week early or (b) a move to Indianapolis or Nashville. [EDIT, 2/21/13.] Given how strongly resistant NQC’s audience is to change, don’t be surprised if the predominant answer is “neither”!
  • Sisters: On Tuesday, Sisters member Valerie Ruppe married session guitarist (and Freemans alumnus) Jeremy Medkiff. 

Worth Reading

  • Burke’s Brainwork: Wes Burke has launched a series where a group’s current members list what they think are that group’s all-time best recordings. He started yesterday with Greater Vision.
  • Musicscribe: You know Channing Eleton as a past Poet Voices / Gold City pianist. He has a new vocal solo CD out, fusing Southern Gospel with a singer/songwriter Americana twist. Check out David Bruce Murray’s new post, which calls it the “best CD I’ve heard this year.” [EDIT, 3/16/13: Broken link removed.]

Worth Watching

The best song in the current Singing News Bluegrass Top 10:

Worth Anticipating

Upcoming CD Reviews:

  • 10/28: A Living Legacy: The Songs of Squire Parsons
  • 11/4: Amen (Down East Boys)
  • 11/11: Everlasting Truth (Michael Booth)
  • 11/18: Songs from the Heart (Triumphant Quartet)
  • 11/25: Baptized on Sunday (Penny Loafers)
  • 12/2: American Christian (Melody Boys Quartet)
  • 12/9: A Country Campmeeting (Palmetto State Quartet)
  • 12/16: Step Up (Torchmen Quartet)
  • 12/23: Journey (Libbi Perry Stuffle)
  • 12/30: A Country Campmeeting (Three Bridges)
  • 1/6: You’ve Got to Believe (Homeland Harmony Quartet)
  • 1/13: A Wonderful Life (Legacy Five)
  • 1/20: A Country Campmeeting (Triumphant Quartet)
  • 1/27: Steve Ladd (Steve Ladd)
  • 2/3: God’s Been Faithful (Liberty Quartet)
  • 2/10: The Call is Still the Same (Dixie Melody Boys)
  • 2/17: Turn to the Cross (Sanctuary Quartet)
  • 2/24: Family Ties (Wilburn & Wilburn)
  • 3/2: Living in Grace (Cavaliers Quartet)

(Dates subject to change, if a really incredible CD comes along that we just have to bump up the line!)

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday; you decide!

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  1. Great Saturday round-up… Have I missed it or has Mark Trammell announced a replacement yet for Joel Wood?

    I think this is a critical hire as the group is so solid in the other three slots.


    • I agree that it’s critical. No, he hasn’t named a permanent replacement. He does have an interim tenor filling in.

  2. Mark has a great guy singing tenor with him right now. He blends very well with them. I’m anxiously awaiting the permanent replacement too though. MTQ has one of the best vocal blends out there.

  3. Daniel, does Triumphant Quartet and Palmetto State both have a cd with the same title?? “A Country Campmeeting?”

    • DVD, and yes. Three Bridges, too.

      • Are those part of a series?

      • In the same way Live at Oak Tree is, I guess – all released by the same label (Mansion).

  4. Change is good. So you lose a few NQC ticket holders big whoop…the question is how many will you gain by moving it. I think they’d do GREAT in Nashville its a tourism hotspot. And Indianapolis would give fans a little farther North more opportunity, and possibly turn the area into a decent place for SG fans, let’s face it when it comes to SG stuff the North kinda sucks.

  5. Move to Indy!!! That would be awesome! Um, Family Ties and. WOnderful life have already been released.

    • So? 🙂

    • Many thorough reviews of A Wonderful Life have already been posted, so there’s not much for Daniel to add.

      Family Ties I’m more curious about. It’s one of the best releases of the year. Seems odd to shove it down to end of February.

      • I think you are thinking about this backwards. Of the 25+ projects that come out at NQC, if I reviewed all the good ones in the first 6 weeks, where would that leave the column for the next six months?

  6. Oh, sorry Daniel. I thought u were saying they were going to be released then, not reviewed! Can’t wait! 🙂

    • I was wondering if that was how you were reading it! 🙂

  7. So… what about parking all those buses in downtown Nashville?

    • Have fun with that…

    • I’ve never been to Nashville, and quite possibly never will unless NQC goes there. So I’m not the best one to answer that question!

    • Ooh…Good point Gerald…I’ll get back with you on that 😉

  8. NO! Not Nashville. Please…..sure hope not.

  9. Nashville, please!!! (but mainly because I live there). I used to live up near Indy, and I love that city. Either one would be good.

  10. The Indy Convention Center is a GREAT facility, but…unless you’re staying at one of the many “attached” hotels, parking can be a problem…especially if there’s a Monday night Football game!

    • Not that I have a dog in this fight but in view of the fact that the facility is GREAT, perhaps Shuttle Buses continuously running, with a daily schedule for pickups at a number of hotels? (I was in Dallas a few years ago and there was a huge Mary Kay convention going on. Shuttle buses seemed to be the mode of transportation people were taking to the actual convention site).

  11. Whither NQC goeth, there I will faithfully followeth. 🙂 Change is fun sometimes.

  12. I honestly think that a change in city won’t make that much difference in the attendance. I believe that there would be a “bump” the first year in a new city, particularly if it were Nashville, but I don’t think appreciable growth is going to come until and unless it’s moved out of the fall and into the summer months. It’s the reason we don’t go every year. Once our kids are all out of school we can resume going back.

    At the Louisville site, you have that theme park that could be utilized as part of the attraction for families if it were in the summertime. Economy is certainly a factor in attendance in major events all across the country – only so much disposable income to go around, but the quickest boost with the longest return is to put NQC in the summer.

    • They closed Six Flags Kentucky…or they’re planning to close it.

      • I wonder, then, if they’ll eventually remove all that and make more parking space. That would be a nice change.

  13. Gerald, if you are on here, please not Indy. It is too far north. Have you checked Gwinnett Arena in Atlanta?