Jonathan Price leaves Dove Brothers

Jonathan PriceDove Brothers tenor Jonathan Price has left the group. The announcement on AbsolutelyGospel¬†states that he is leaving the road to deal with personal issues, and quotes group manager McCray Dove as stating: “We ask all Christians to join us as we lift Jonathan up in prayer. We are now accepting auditions for the tenor position.”¬†[EDIT, 2/21/13: Broken link removed.]

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  1. Well that’s not good…we are hosting the Dove Bros. next month!
    Hope they find a great tenor before then!!!

    • Paul…I’m sure McCray will have someone in place by then.

    • If it was next week … could be an interesting concert, since this seems rather sudden. But by next month, I’m sure they will at least have a competent fill-in.

      • How about THIS weekend! Well, last time I had them, when Jerry left, they had good ole’ Phil Barker for a weekend, and he was GREAT! Good old-fashion DMB feel at that concert. Maybe we’ll get Phil again!

      • That would be cool!

      • I personally talked with McCray yesterday and they do have someone to fill-in and are going out this weekend.

  2. Tough to follow Rulapaugh and Martin… Sounds more complicated than that. I commend Dove for moving swiftly.


    • Amen!

  3. With Burman back it will be a great concert and I am sure whoever fills in will be an awesome 4-some!!!

  4. If Rulapaugh came back, the original line up would be back. Who knows?

  5. OMG! I freakin LOVE jonathan. I hate that he left =( but if its the best for him, I’m happy. I’m sure he will be with another group after everything gets figured out. If not, maybe he’ll be back with the dove brothers=)

  6. I just heard Jonathan for the first time today on a recording…wow, I wish he was still with the group! Any word out there on his replacement???

  7. No word out there yet, huh? Well, I guess I will find out who is singing tenor on Sunday!

    • No formal hire has been made, to my knowledge. But former Singing Americans / Dixie Melody Boys tenor Phil Barker has been filling in. I think he’s one of those rare tenors who has actually gotten better with age; he has somewhat of the richness of classic tenors like Bobby Clark or Rosie Rozell.